Praise Report

Last week had taken an unexpected dive, felt as If I was on a runaway train to a destination I never thought would board for. Breathed a sigh of relief glad to see the end of the week and praying that my new week would be better. Blessed as I was I learned I was – in that situation, in isolation, in seclusion and on a witness protection program from God – for my own good and safety and the realisation that all I need do is press on as the Lord is the driver, and is guiding me through the rocks.
My praise report is, even though the rocks are still there, I am passing through it without any injury to myself and still with a smile on my face. He must increase, I must decrease. I have decided to stop fixing stuff for my self. It never gets fixed anyway!!

Be anxious for nothing and the taxi driver

I had to write about this because its been on mind since my return. Even though I had been left ‘stuck’, I had peace and believed that something would come through, I never thought it would turn out to be the drama it unfolded to be. I waited patiently, and as the time was ticking over, it began to dawn on me, that there was a likely event that I will be stranded and only God would have to come through somehow. I remember the story of the resurection of Jesus when the Marys decided to stroll down to the tomb where Jesus was supposed to be burried. It never crossed their mind about the guards that were posted (that might have orders to strike to kill on site – you just never know), the heavy stone that required many seriously strong guys who would have been fed on some serious pando and at least 10 years body building experience before rolling away the heavy stone. Anyways, this never crossed their mind, but the good Lord already knew what they were going to face, and already knew that Jesus had resurected, the guards had ran away and the huge stone had been rolled away. The Marys didn’t know this, and yet in their ignorance God was in control. I guess what I’m trying to say was that in my ignorance the Lord had raised an unbeliver – the taxi driver.

The taxi driver took pity on me, and probably didn’t realise he was in for a shock. He had changed his name and was one of those pro-black extremist kinda guy. First of all I am not against black people (after all I am one), but anyways, I was able to share with him about Jesus, and there were a few things he said he never understood, and I hope I was able to sow a good seed. I only realised this when I had arrived, he was / and is a good man (which I gathered from the journey), but your deeds don’t help you to get to heaven and live the purposeful abundant life that the Lord wants for you, but only Jesus does. Lets keep the taxi driver in our prayers.

The Realisation that You can not depend on others

I have been somewhere I would never want to be and back, and now know that God is faithful. Could you imagine that I was left stranded at the airport on my way back!! You no hear gist.

Na so my aunty told one guy (a family friend and her relative) to come and pick me from charlotte airport. The man even invited himself, we called said he was in Washington DC but would get back in time to come and get me from airport (story). We called before we left, yesooo I am on my way guy said.

I landed 2.30pm, called the guy..his phone was cutting off, he must have said something along baltimore..anyways..he calls cuts off. Did not hear from the fella again. Kept calling his phone, kept going to voicemail. I was at the airport for 2hrs, called aunty, asking where the man was. She said she couldn’t get hold of the guy, that she will contact someone to come and get me. Na so I changed all my dollars, kept phoning the guy, until I was tired. The day before my young cousins loved the games on my phone and the battery was practically dead by the time they finished with the phone. I started asking people if I could borrow their phone, some gave, some didn’t. 6 hrs later, I called aunty. She says to me “a….., where are you, we’ve been looking for you everywhere’, I said I am still at the airport where did they think I would be. Apparently the guys wife went to Raleigh Durham to find me (by the way Raleigh is 4 hrs away from charlotte and 6hrs from Blacksburg), I said you didn’t tell me this people lived in Raleigh, I am in Charlotte not Raleigh (charlotte is like 2hrs from Blacksburg). Anyways, the woman was refusing to come and get me from charlotte (I know I wouldn’t), and claimed she had left her young children. That she had been in Raleigh for 3hrs. She is such a lair. Who told her I was in Raleigh. Everyone including her husband knew I was in Charlotte.

Anyways 10.30pm, (8 hrs later), my aunty tells me to go and find a hotel, that my safety was more important, and that she would try and coordinate for someone to come and get me the net day. I tried to call the hotels available. The rooms were fully booked, and the ones available were smoking and were charging over 150 dollars including tax. So I decided to sit on my chair for 45 mins to figure my next step. I asked how long the airport was open for, thinking maybe I might do an all night meeting on my own. So I decided to go and hire a car. They said they would accept my British licenses, but because I was asking for a one way ride, I would need to pay a drop off fee. Na so they said something along the lines of 150 dollars we haven’t even discussed petrol or insurance. Anyways, I decided to walk along, to ask all the car renters available what their charges were.

I had left my suitcase for more than 5 mins when the baggage people had sent for police and sniffer dogs to come and sniff out my baggage that was left unattended, as it might be a bomb. So by now, my cell phone battery was dead. I had run out of money, used it all on phone calls at the phone boot, sniffer dogs to sniff out the supposed bomb in my baggage, no rooms to rent for the night (unless I choose to inhale smoke at an unfavourable rate – which if I did, wasn’t even sure if they would come and get me from the airport)..and my credit card was not working..YES..NOT WORKING. So everything that could go wrong went wrong.

As I walked along contemplating (If I Perish I Perish), because it was raining heavily outside, didn’t have a map or have an idea on how to get home, but was still contemplating hiring a car in the thick darkness outside, I walked past the information booth lady, who bless her, has been helping me the entire time with the use of her phone and paging visitors at the airport, she said still no help I practically burst out crying. I am stranded for real.

Anyways to cut the story short, there was a taxi driver that came to pick someone up. He saw me at 2.30pm and seeing me again at this late time asked the lady what is the story with that girl. So she relayed my story to him and he offered to drive me home for 150 dollars. They gave me their phone to call my cusin Jackie in Augusta Georgia, who picked up the tab on her credit card, and that was how I got home. It took over 3 hrs with the rain and bad weather, and when I got to Blacksburg, could not have been more happy to see home.

I came to work the next day, my entire experiment wiped out, because of a power cut, and there had been a man hunt in the university campus, an armed and dangerous criminal had escaped from the hospital where he was receiving attention, and shot a police man and a staff at the hospital shooting them dead.

All this chaos and I was not affected. I am home and alive. Praise be to God.

Good People are really not that difficult to find

I am writing about this, because I remember a statment my cuz said to me ”Bouy you would need to give up more than money to get a lift”.

Let me start from the begining. I had been invited to atlanta by my mums sisters concerning a DO they were throwing [ where highly connected people would be present, they called it high society or somethig or the other…aparantly..], anyways, I wanted to go, but I wasn’t prepared to pay the 680-780 dollars fare that came with it. You see I live out in the sticks and it costs a fortune to fly out from my local airport. It really isn’t technically an airport more like a landing ground (… And would have prefered to spend my money on better things, certainly not flight tickets). My aunties were not going to pay for the tickets as they are of the view that I am seriously loaded. I claim that In Jesus Name. Amen. (can’t get any free bees sucks to be grown up in ones families eyes)

I had made my decision earlier on (after my observations of the flight costings) not to go, but secretly had hoped that something would turn up. It happened that on a certain tuesday, the airlines were doing some deal, but I would have to catch my flight from North Carolina.

For those of you that live in the UK, its more like Leaving the North west of England, like Manchester.. Liverpool..Leeds.. or even Sheffield, to go down to London to catch a flight to Sandwich or Dover in kent. I mean where is the sense in that, and surely it would have been better to get a flight out to London, and find local transport to kent, but it would have just have cost me exactly the same to get to London in this case.

Back to my story. Like I said it would have cost me just the same as travelling out to North carolina, as going out to georgia. But anyways I saw a cheap deal like 100 dollars, and so I booked it. Trying to figure out how to get to North carolina was something, and after I had converted my dollars to pounds I had decided that if I couldn’t make that trip, I could afford to loose the money. I mean I wasn’t going to stress myself out.

I called around a few aquiantances, friends people from church and work collegues, all of them seemed to think it was a hopless case, and I was just about to throw in the towel, when tiffany, offered to give me a lift. Saying she had nothing to do, and had wondered what she could do that week seing as she was still on her summer hols and sort of bored, and my trip to North carolina would be something she would not mind doing. I had met her through my summer bible study group by the way. I leaped for Joy at my office desk where I was supposed to be doing some serious work in pushing the boundaries of science that bit forward, ran to all my collegues to relay the news to them which they found difficult to believe.

”You actually managed to get someone to give you a lift all the way to North carolina” said one of my collegues, ”YES” I answered, Praise God. And in the end, I had only spent 100 dollars [53.19 pounds].

Guess what I am trying to say is the Lord is good, and will send good people towards you in times of need. Be it if you happened to be a cheap scate like me who happened to have other money spending priorities.