Be anxious for nothing and the taxi driver

I had to write about this because its been on mind since my return. Even though I had been left ‘stuck’, I had peace and believed that something would come through, I never thought it would turn out to be the drama it unfolded to be. I waited patiently, and as the time was ticking over, it began to dawn on me, that there was a likely event that I will be stranded and only God would have to come through somehow. I remember the story of the resurection of Jesus when the Marys decided to stroll down to the tomb where Jesus was supposed to be burried. It never crossed their mind about the guards that were posted (that might have orders to strike to kill on site – you just never know), the heavy stone that required many seriously strong guys who would have been fed on some serious pando and at least 10 years body building experience before rolling away the heavy stone. Anyways, this never crossed their mind, but the good Lord already knew what they were going to face, and already knew that Jesus had resurected, the guards had ran away and the huge stone had been rolled away. The Marys didn’t know this, and yet in their ignorance God was in control. I guess what I’m trying to say was that in my ignorance the Lord had raised an unbeliver – the taxi driver.

The taxi driver took pity on me, and probably didn’t realise he was in for a shock. He had changed his name and was one of those pro-black extremist kinda guy. First of all I am not against black people (after all I am one), but anyways, I was able to share with him about Jesus, and there were a few things he said he never understood, and I hope I was able to sow a good seed. I only realised this when I had arrived, he was / and is a good man (which I gathered from the journey), but your deeds don’t help you to get to heaven and live the purposeful abundant life that the Lord wants for you, but only Jesus does. Lets keep the taxi driver in our prayers.

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