Help Wanted – Any Japaneese language useful!!!

I am off to Japan on Friday – I have a presentation to give at a conference. Its in Yokohama and I have been reliably informed that aparantly they don’t speak english in the area (only in tokyo city centre). As you well know that can’t be true and thus I do not believe my reliable source [I mean, come on, they should be able to speak english anywhere in the world], but just in case the former were to be true, any form of help with the lingo will be very well appreciated.

As in the majority of cases where I’ve been, when the locals find that you are trying to learn their language by speaking a few of their words, they tend to then reveal that they do actually understand some english.

You may ask, how have I been preparing for my trip? – well, thus far, I have taken some pictures of the taxi rank, a hotel, the toilet and the building I will be going to.

Any more ideas on other pictures I should have will be very much needed. I look forward to your coments. Many Thanks people.

Falling in public places – There could be worse

I am sure if you ask many what their worst fear is, they would all say falling with your entire body on the floor in a public place. But for me, falling is no longer an issue, as it appears that the majority of places I have visited I have tripped or fell face down on the floor. There is this particular occassion I would like to blog about only because it was the most recent. Like really really recent.

You know how it is ladies when you are travelling, and you try to look your best. For me there is no such thing as travelling light. Even if its for a few days, you need to have 3-5 possibilities of what to wear for each time of the day. For example evening wear, you might decide to go out on a nice evening out, a fish and chips takeout, or stay home and eat what I’ve cooked, either way, these are 3 events, and each has possible outfits. So basically, the long and short of it is I don’t know how to travel light.

So on this particular day, I had waited a little while to get my excess loaded luggage, and it was a struggle to get it out of the baggage handler. Normally I feign lack of strength and others around tended to help, but this day no one did. There was no way I was going to try and lift it onto a luggage carrier; now that would have snapped my back in two (you see I am 5Ft. 3 inch, and the suitcase was almost as tall as I am), so I decided to roll it on its wheel. As I attempted to roll the baggage, my high heeled shoe got caught on the rollers, the case fell, overpowered me, and took me with it, exclaming “shame” as I fell, and there I was on the floor yet again. I knew people saw me, we had all just arrived on a fully packed international flight, so everyone saw me, but it was a normal occurence so I picked myself up, and brushed off the dirt, repositioned my case and was about to walk on when this black brother came to me. He didn’t come to help, he came just to tell me he liked what he saw and gave me a card. Well, no award for telling you what came next. The customs people came quickly to ask me if I’d been given anything to bring, and insisted I opened my bag. Basically it was an experience and I wish I could say never to be repeated but knowing me you just never know.

Is it seriously the Jogging!!

A group of grad students invited me to join them in their saturday morning jog, on the huckleberry trail (where the loose criminal tried to excape a while back), anyways I wasn’t interested and after they had asked for a “little while”, I succumbed. The Joke was I hadn’t remontely done anything befitting anyform of exercise, and we were going to jog 3 miles . So I woke up early, thanked the Lord for being alive and got picked up. I stretched so hard preparing myself for the work ahead and to my amazement I managed to jog nearly 2miles. You would think that’s where the story ends, well I walked the whole 2 miles back (I was so proud of myself there was no need for any more excersise), got back very impressed with my meagre effort, and my joints have been aching since. So I am begining to wonder did the jogging have anything to do with my aching joints. You would think the muscles should be affected. Well its been quite difficult to get around, but I can’t but think, maybe the stretching was excersise enough on its own.

Being Blessed

I just thought to blog concerning this as I just got off the phone with a friend at work, who asked me to keep her in my prayers and to ask the God that answers my prayers to answer hers. You see she just got saved and is struggling with all the random day issues such as tithing among others, and she is so convinced of how blessed I am that she feels that all I need do is pray on her behalf and all her issues will be solved. Anyways this got me thinking, I’m sat here, going through my issues, even though I spend time in fellowship with God it’s still not enough and I’m dying for sunday just to be in the company of His saints. I began to feel a sense of dejavour, was convinced I had had the same conversation before. It got me thinking; I now recal a situation with a great friend of mine back in the UK, who is married and has been a blessing to me in more ways than one, and I remember her complaints back then, how people kept calling her blessed, “I mean how can I be blessed” she would say, and normally in bitterness of spirit. It got to the point where whenever this was said she took this as an offense. But now, she is an example of a woman who is blessed by God. I remeber reading Miguels blog and how he reminded me that the God that we serve is a God of order. I can’t begin to explain how that rang in my spirit. ck was desperately sad but she hadn’t realised that her blessings had to come in a certain order. You see she wanted a child, had no problems conceiving but the child was not coming fort. I realise now that the Lord had to settle her in a certain order. The Lord had to give them a great Job to afford the great house that they had just purchased, so that they had their own huge place to raise up a child, not just renting, but theirs. She is now an expectant mother; Thinking about this, I had to remind myself that the Lord had not forgotten me. Yes people will call me blessed because of my outward adornments but do they know what I’m struggling with. I’m struggling with the fact that I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination and still is ……..