To New Jersey and back

My younger brother once made a comment on how God blesses useless people who never make use of their blessings. He was refering to me, and my visiting the US for a year. Aparantly I was boring, and prefered the familiar surrounding of home than say going for a hike or visiting other places. Anyways I began to pray for an adventure, and as you are all previously aware of my charlotte trip went bad (and I’m tecnically not fully back from my charlotte journey yet) an adventure is really not what is needed right now. Anyways a colleague of mine who is scared stiff of driving on the motorways (appologies – is it called freeways or pike or interstate – what ever it is she is scared to drive on them things), and asked if I could join her on her trip. I was so excited, I said to myself I will show “””” who is useless. And so I called a great friend who lives in new jersey, that I was visiting he asks if it was definate I confirmed, he gets me booked in hotel pretty sharpish. Anyhows my good friend from philedelphia, then informs me how big new jersey was, and I realised I might end up getting lost again. It happened that I got my weekends wrong, the area my colleague and I was driving to was like Delaware sides, and my friend lived in new york sides —Drat!!! We couldn’t get a refund, bless him he fogave me, I can be quite airy sometimes. OK my colleague decides to drive, she manages to get us to roanoke, I drove the rest of the way non-stop (7 hrs – raining badly the entire journey, didn’t quite see the scenery), was pretty impressed with myself, with all that wrong side of the road “milake” – drove through -North Virginia – West Virginia – DC – Maryland – Delaware – Philedelphia – New Jersey. But still had no tale to tell. On the way back, did all the driving all 9hrs of it (with half an hr petrol stop), was dark, didn’t see much either and no picture to prove my mini adventure. Maybe next time. So apart from the slow moving traffic or the lack of the movement), my journey was pretty uneventful. Next trip, going for a walk down the road. That should be exciting.

3 thoughts on “To New Jersey and back

  1. WOW!!! thatz a long drive with the weather conditions and everything.Driving is an adventure anyway,like a lot of my friends though I was crazy when i drove from Springfield,MA to Houston non-stop,a 36hr drive in 2003.I was actually sick for 2 days after the drive sha.Hope u had fun in NJ.

  2. u did all that driving and never even took a detour to cause trouble and leave ur mark. that aint right. nice blog u got anyway. would be back for ur updat on the trip to japon.

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