Is it seriously the Jogging!!

A group of grad students invited me to join them in their saturday morning jog, on the huckleberry trail (where the loose criminal tried to excape a while back), anyways I wasn’t interested and after they had asked for a “little while”, I succumbed. The Joke was I hadn’t remontely done anything befitting anyform of exercise, and we were going to jog 3 miles . So I woke up early, thanked the Lord for being alive and got picked up. I stretched so hard preparing myself for the work ahead and to my amazement I managed to jog nearly 2miles. You would think that’s where the story ends, well I walked the whole 2 miles back (I was so proud of myself there was no need for any more excersise), got back very impressed with my meagre effort, and my joints have been aching since. So I am begining to wonder did the jogging have anything to do with my aching joints. You would think the muscles should be affected. Well its been quite difficult to get around, but I can’t but think, maybe the stretching was excersise enough on its own.

102 thoughts on “Is it seriously the Jogging!!

  1. I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!

  2. Oops. My brain just hit a bad sector.

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