OOh my History – But what a record

Hello my people, first of all I would like to ask that yall give a shout of Praise to God for He is trully magnificent and Faithful. Would you believe life of a stranger and airport chaos yet again.

Here is where I begin;

So I had a very early flight to catch out to seattle then to tokyo; Back in the day, I would be at the airport very early but since my new found status [best part of a year] I have been strolling into the airport with 45mins to spare and I have always managed to catch my flight. So How was I supposed to know that United would close its counter 30mins prior to departure at this small airport. As I arrived at this very small insignifant airport in the middle of nowhere, my airline United had closed its gates, was not serving and they had overbooked by 6. I could not even check my luggage in electronically. After a 45mins wait, their counter was reopened, and I was told that because I strolled in very late, I would have to rebook.

First of all I was going to do the “how dare you speak to Dr. so and so, do you know where I teach” kinda speach, but by this stage, I had missed all my connection flight. Serious Yawa. I had an audience waiting for my presentation, and If I was going to make it out in time I was now going to pay 1500 dollars, but they couldnt promise me this. I had called the United free phone number, they were very symathetic, but had no spaces left, and told me that the airplanes were overbooked.

Serious Yeyyyyyy. Mogbe.. Im dead ooooo.

My people it wasnt even the money, I had learned as a child that we are responsible for our mistakes and so I had to deal with this mistake, even if it were a costly one, but you see I had also checked with the other airlines, and they had no spaces left and so could not sell me a ticket to try and get out anywhere to connect to tokyo. I was informed that American airlines had cancelled two of its flights to tokyo, hence fully booked.

I wasn’t sure what next to do, I consided going home, I mean what else could I do, so I started to pray. I reminded God of my lazy solicitor friend whom He came through for after she had missed an appointment with her client which almost cost her the case. I started to sing “My God is an awsome God who reigns” so that even the next person in the que could hear me.

So as I sat on the counter space where luggages were weighed, singing my God is an awsome God and praying, a united representative spent a significant amount of time on that machine of hers, and says to me, she could put me on a flight from chicago out to tokyo [she didnt tell me when], but because all the flights out of roanoke was fully booked, she wasn’t sure how I was going to get out to chicago. She could only put me on standby. So my status was unknown. There were 6 others on standbye from the earlier flight, and the small plane seated 40. So I wasnt even sure if I was going to fly out of that airport that day. But I praised and glorified God, at least I thought to myself let me get through custom, each step at a time; I can wait 24hrs, its not like I havnt done it before.

My people God is SUPER MIGHTY. Did you know that the flight she put me on as standbye was apparantly cancelled, many people who were suposed to be on this flight had to catch the bus or rent a car, but the truth was the flight was only delayed by 4hrs cause they couldnt get a crew together. I had a couple of professor collegues of mine going to the meeting and were also suppossed to be on this cancelled flght. So we all made it chicago, but they had missed their connecting flight out to tokyo. When we arrived at the United desk, I was hiding my face, as they went to complain – [which one is my ownwasnt it my fault that I missed my flight] – the next thing I heard was “we are sorry mam for all the problems”, I was upgraded to practically first class, top notch hotel to spend the night compliments of United, and was hanging out at the premier united club.

I couldnt quite believe what was happening. Didnt they check my HISTORY, I said to myself, I was on the 7.25 flight connecting to tokyo from seattle not the 9.55 chicago connection. But you see, my history had been erased, the Lord had given me a new RECORD (filled with favour), which was now showing that I was on the cancelled flight and I deserved their appologies and compliments. I was no longer travelling alone, but with people. These professors took super great care of me, and they were the best.

The Lord had turned my mistake, my fault to a joyous blessing. My history was I had been presumptions to think that I could get away with strolling in late to the airport, missed my flight, was required to pay a 1500 dollar bill, and was facing the ridicule of not turning up at a presentation arranged 6months in advance; but the Lord who did not allow me to be put to shame, GAVE me a new record. Yes I missed my flight, but I did not miss the most important day, today I gave my presentation.

As I began to praise God and gloryfy God, I realised I should not be anxious for anything, cause if He came through for me during this potentially costly mistake, the Good Super Great plans that He has promised He would bring to pass. Cause He is the same Yesterday Today and Forever. He will never change.

Please People thank Him for me WELL WELL, because if it hadnt been for the Lord on my side……………………………………..

96 thoughts on “OOh my History – But what a record

  1. THANK U JESUS FOR OUR DEAR Professor. Hope u’ve learnt ur lesson now. No more strolling into airports 45 mins before boarding. God is really awesome, as in it’s unexplainable the things God does to show that he’s always with his children.U even flew 1st class, ehn? Great! How did the presentation go? Are u back in the States? I just hope u had time to visit the city and took pictures, ‘cos memories ar made of them. Remain blessed, Ms. Lady

  2. mannnnnnn…u’ve got me giving crazy praise… God has given you a new record …kai now that is the word…a new record…i’ll meditate on that… a record of favor…ring forth with a dance!

  3. Thatz a testimony right there .. thatz what I call God’s Favour.. My first sentence when i start to pray is “I pray for God’s divine Favour in the eyes of men,women,children and any living being I come in contact with everyday of my life” and God has always been good.Hope u r having a nice time

  4. Wow TLOASCM,I am actually going through a huge mistake of mine at the moment and I need God’s hand very badly. I will definetely use your miracle as a prayer point!If God did it for you, I am sure He will do it for me!Thanx for the testimony! I really needed it…….U HAVE NOT REPLIED MY MAIL OOO

  5. @dipo – I just have.I pray the Lord will come through for you too. Honestly, God is seriously awsome. I still have a smile on my face for what He did. He just blew my mind. HE ANSWERS PRAYERS SHARP SHARP. His words says before you call, He will answer, All the blessings of Psalm 91 is urs oooh.vs 14 – 15. It is well.But oga dipo, how comes u just did to me what you did to xoxo. How did you know which hotel I was staying for that matter. Its not online, and only the University of ….has access to that info. Na waooIm off to sleep.Wednesday morning. Final conference day. Todays presnetaion went well. Met all the big guns. I am a highly favoured woman. PRAISE DA LORD….Alleluya.

  6. @miguel – The Lord reminded me how quickly He delets our History, and how quickly He gives us a new record. My balance is no longer filled with negative but its all positive. I really needed that. This past month I had been struggling with some things, and I had began to wonder if I deserved God’s goodness becasue of some past mistakes. I also began to think, maybe my rubishness was become a tad too much, and it had been weighing me down. Even though I place it on God feet, I always managed to take it back me. But when the Lord came through for me at the airport and the manner He did it, helped me to realise that My History that I had been carrying along wasn’t there anymore. That it was my Record that counted. And you wont beleive it, I am super joyful. Because the Lord used that oportunity, to release me, from my guilt. I will always think of my record now. No more my history.@NB – Honesty we need to pray for God’s divine favour cause we dont even know what is awaiting us outside. I remembered when all that started, I began to accuse myself, you should have spent longer time in Gods presence. You see. You should have done that praying and fasting yesterday when the pastor told us to fast. NTO, MMeere..But The devil is such a liar. I then composed myself and screemed GOD, ngwa, you MUST COME THROUGH. Im not the only one thats made mistake before.@Diamond – PRAISE DA LORD …AlLELUYIAH oo. God really is good.@Temmy – Amen oo. It always Good to know how faithful God is so that when you face future problems you remember that God did come through for you the last time so what makes you think He wont come through NOW.

  7. Come o my fellow bloggers, we need to start investigating Oga Dipo. As in this man knows too much. He revealed my true identity to me, even though i have no clue of having met him before on seeing his pix, he even revealed the hotel LOASCM is staying in Japan.LOL @ “NTO, MMeere. Gosh! U’re a really dramatic lady “GOD, ngwa, you MUST COME THROUGH.”Oga Dipo, what else is there that we don’t know about u. Matter of fact, we should tag u, so u can tell us about urself.

  8. Harrigato you all. Back at last. No drama, plain sailing apart from the turbulence that lasted a while. People were scared, you should have seen them. But becasue I knew the promise o God I was able to eat properly on the plane whilst everyone else were cooing. I was thinking tomyself, eeh guys, dont fear as long as I am on this plane nothing will happen to it.It is good to be back to a more familar surrounding. It might not be home for now, but its more familiar than the previous.Harrigato sismasi all.Especially for the love.

  9. WOW, i just had to say that i am inspired by this story. I really am. This is why it is necessary to keep close to the father in everything little thing because they add up. Indeed, God never ceases to stand by those who are his chosen. Girl, i don bookmark this blog already sef. Keep the inspirations flowing ooo.

  10. @ONB – serious testimony @Buki – thanks be to God too – he trully reings@Calabargal – I am telling you He trully does @Sapp – the strolling has ended – I will start reaching there latest 4hrs before flight departure with a cushion to get me comfy.@Jem – trully God never ceases to amaze – thanks for visiting.

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  13. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

  14. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

  15. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

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