Re – digging Her Well

Don’t you find when you feel that you’ve been blessed, there seem to be problem looming. People trying to take your joy away on a mission known as “undercover joy burst”.

She has come so far. You should have seen her back when it all started.

In spite of all that was going on in her personal life, the Lord had blessed her indeed. But now it appears difficulties, that was about to accumulate to a nervous breakdown seems to be knocking on her door. People has started to cover up, what she had done, had quarrelled and opposed her in every opportunity possible, and now she was facing ruin. Each time she faced a difficulty she attributed it to her past mistakes and maybe she didn’t deserve to be happy. She didn’t realise that all she needed was to re-dig her “well” this last time. She needed to remember that the first time she asked God to forgive her of her past He did and He said He would remember them no more (Isa. 38 vs. 17; Isa 43 vs. 25). The Lord Jesus was shamed as he lay on that cross so her guilt and shame had been removed (Isa. 25 vs. 8), the plans her enemies had for her was not going to succeed (Isa. 19 vs. 3). He wanted her to draw closer to Him, push and pray harder than she had ever done, for her breakthrough was but moments away. He wanted to bless her just as He did Isaac when he encountered oppositions (Gen. 26 vs.12 -25). Just as Isaac dug another well, No one quarrelled with him anymore and the Lord gave him room to flourish in the land. Finally the guilt scales that had blinded her eyes were lifted. She dug and pushed one last time and no one quarrelled with her anymore. She was finally settled by God in every area of her life. She now has a family and a very good job with room to flourish. She had atlast found happiness, happiness she never felt worthy of. But alas she was happy. The other forms of happiness she sort had sorrow in it, but the one the Lord had given her had no sorrow (Prov. 10 vs. 22; Isa. 60 vs. 20; John 16 vs. 22)

What is holding you back? Don’t let the guilt of the past have an impact on your future. It did in this case, but the Lord said NO. She didn’t deserve God’s grace, but He still forgave her and blessed her. I also need to re-dig my wells – I think you all need an update on my pastor friend. I will post on it the next time. Stay blessed all.

How would you feel?

I knew a young woman once. She was jolly, easily excitable, always with a terribly huge smile on her face and worked tirelessly for the Lord. She was a woman with a strong Faith in the Lord, but she also had some difficult days. She tried her best to put maximum effort into whatever she did and the Lord blessed her effort regardless.

I knew a young woman once. She was a graduate student – of colour – and very naïve. She only read about isms in books and watched it on the television but she never believed it was something that was inherently working even in today’s world.

I knew a young woman once. She was forced to collaborate with a young vibrant – fellow graduate student – she was sweet, nice, stunningly beautiful, blonde and of German decent. The woman of colour was forced to share her ideas, results – her work – with this young vibrant lady under the pretence of collaboration – team work – Pushing the frontiers of science forward. The young woman of colour did all the work, generated all the results and because the vibrant lady could not match up to the woman of colour the Departmental heads always felt sorry for her. Whatever the woman of colour produced – she was forced to share with her vibrant team member. The Young woman of colour realised that her work was constantly attributed to this vibrant young woman and decided to create a niche for herself. She came up with an idea, ran it past the departmental heads and got the approval to proceed. She was told the next day that her idea would work better if a departmental head put it together – with the guarantee that she would be in charge of the work. When the time to give the woman of colour what was hers it was given to the vibrant young woman with a nice sweet smile.

I knew a young woman once. Not knowing what next to do she cried and became desperate. She was going to take any type of position – and began to believe she had no self worth. There was no way out, and no future. She was told she had no vision and academia was not a place for her. She believed the FACT and had forgotten the TRUTH. She still carried on her work in the Lord but daily you could see she was subdued. Even though she was of good cheer that deceptive deep sadness was very visible on her face. One day she said to herself “I must enquire of the Lord and know for myself where I went wrong”. As she looked out of her window and saw the rain drops watering the plants – she remembered the word of the Lord for her – “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth” Isa 55 vs. 10 – 11 – “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay” Hab. 2 vs. 3 – She smiled a little. Her strength renewed and more persuaded now than ever that her GOD will never leave her. For He is making everything new; He is trustworthy and true; For He said to her I have brought you this far and is taking care of your affairs – “It is done”. “He who overcomes will inherit all – He will be their God and he will be His son” – Rev. 21 vs. 5 – 7.

I knew a young woman once. For if she hadn’t had the love of God on her side – She probably would have been dead now. The worries of life would have snuffed out her young life. So even though they had stripped her of all she had worked so hard for they did not realise that God had a different plan for her. In the end she was awarded an important position in the department with funds to do as she pleased. She had become an overcomer. The young vibrant woman is doing well too. Let us hope for better things for her.

Dedicated to all the young ladies / gentlemen ever short changed because of a reason or the other – The Lord has better plans for you. You didn’t get it does not mean you’re not good enough. It simply means it’s not for you.