Day 39 – Balancing my life

Balancing my life

Penultimate day – Lessons learnt so far!

What have I learnt so far?

Well I have learned from the study of this book and always referring it back to the Bible that God’s five purposes for my life includes:

  1. loving God with all my heartsince I am planned for God’s pleasure, my purpose is to love God through worship
  2. loving my neighbour as myselfsince I am shaped for serving, my purpose therefore is to show love to others through my ministry
  3. to go and make disciplessince I am made for a mission; my purpose is to share God’s message though evangelism
  4. baptise them into since I am formed for God’s family, my purpose is to identify with God’s church through fellowship
  5. Teach them to do all thingssince I was created to become like Christ, my purpose is to grow to maturity through discipleship

So even though my commitment to the great commandment and great commission will make me a great Christian, this is not an easy thing to do – a balance is required. For that reason, in order to keep a balance, I need to:

· Join a small group for accountability – [Prov. 27 vs. 17; Philippians 4 vs. 9]; this includes praying, encouraging and supporting each other seeing as we are meant to grow together not separately [1 Thess.. 5 vs. 11].

· Regularly evaluate my spiritual health – [Lamentations 3 vs. 40; 1 Corinth. 11 vs. 28; 31; 31 vs. 5; Gal. 6 vs. 4; 2 Corinth. 13 vs. 5]; to do this I need to check my vital signs of: worship, fellowship, Growth in character and mission [2 Corinth. 8 vs. 11].

· Record my progress in a personal journal – I am told that this is not a diary of event, but more of a record of life’s lessons that I don’t want to forget [Heb. 2 vs. 1; Numbers 33 vs. 2]; as I journey through life [Psalm 56 vs. 8]. As every problem that I face is purpose driven as it forces me to focus on God, draw me closer to others in fellowship, build Christ like character in me, provide me with a ministry and finally give me a testimony [Psalm 102 vs. 18]. By recording my progress I preserve the testimony of God and how He came through for me and helped me fulfil my purpose.

· Pass on what I’ve learned to others – [Prov. 11 vs. 25; 2 Tim. 2 vs. 2]. It is my responsibility to carry God’s message to others [James 4 vs. 17], a privilege God has allowed me to be part of [1 Tim.4 vs. 6; John 17 vs. 6-26]

2 thoughts on “Day 39 – Balancing my life

  1. I attended a conference last weekend and the speaker taught about how keeping a journal every day (to record how his day went, and asking God to correct the things he did wrong on that day so he doesn’t have to repeat the same mistakes the next day) has worked extremely well for him…Keeping ourselves “accountable” in all we do really matters…helps to keep us on track…I think I’m going to adopt the journal method, cos I’m a journal person (not everyone may be). Also, there are like six people in my life that keep me on track as well…I thank God for their lives…Ooooh thanks life…one more day to go…

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