The airports must know my Name!!!!

I’m so sure they do. So here is me going all the way to the West side to give a seminar when I got almost stranded at the Chicago O’Hare airport. And No it was of no fault of mine. It’s simply not meant to be. My orriginal seattle to Dulles flight was delayed, so they bumped me off to Chicago where I spent the next 20 odd hrs wondering what manner of life this is? and why me? I had not had any sleep, was on adrenaline looking forward to my next flight out after my 5am arrival, well, suffice to tell you that I did not make it out till past 1am the next morning.

Maybe when I’m feeling alot better I might expansiate, but I just felt to let you all all know that I have still yet to arrive at my front door and have been travelling since wednesday night. It’s the early hrs of friday morning and am still trying to find my way HOME.

When will I ever find people living in these cities that always love / finds ways to harrass me so?

7 thoughts on “The airports must know my Name!!!!

  1. hi stranger, kilon wassup? sorry to hear about ur airport delay wahala. hopefully it wont mess up ur weekend cos it sure would mess mine up if i were in ur shoebata.

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