So Long Blacksburg, Farewell USA

As the title of my blog suggests, I am no longer a stranger in a foreign land {if you wondered US}, I am finally Home. To my parents house how I’ve missed home. I still have many travels before me, but for now I will be doing it from the UK. From Loved ones.

But blacksburg was really not as bad as I made it out to be. I was so upset that I was away from home that I had failed to recognise what was staring back at me, or should I say what I had in blacksburg. I had a wonderful Church, some great collegues at VT and the Lord had given me the opportunity to meet some great people whose paths were caused to cross mine to be an influnce and source of support when I needed them the most.

My last sunday in church was two days ago, and I never realised how much little o me was loved. My goodness could you believe the church were in tears that I was leaving and they all came out and gave me money – close to like 1000 dollars. Could you imagine that, I couldn’t I was shocked I was wailing terribly and chocked up with tears. Gosh, the word of God is so true, He would cause people to bless you, come and see how visiting pastors were counting money to give me. I was like ooh my goodness upon all my shakara I didnt know people love me pass like this oo.

So even though I was dying to come home, I never realised I had a home away from home, and only when I was leaving did I realise how much I was loved. So if none of you wants to love me, I have so many that do. I am currently asking God what to do with this money, this is not the kind to go and buy shoe and bag and leather coat with matching trousers with. I need to go before God to ask Him what to do with this money His people have given me.

So on that note, I would like to send out a warm hearty love to everyone, and a special thank you for the concerns you gave throughout out my most difficult week. I Love you all. Stay well and I will be back with some updates on my trips to munich and verona. Take care all.


18 thoughts on “So Long Blacksburg, Farewell USA

  1. Welcome home LOASCM. You are much loved o! I speak for myself, truly you are an inspiration. We never truly realise the impact that we make on the lives of others but God is watching and will surely reward us in our due season. Remain blessed.

  2. You are most welcome back to ypur orginal home.God is wo0nderful. How He makes us very comfortable and loved whereever we find ourselves on this planet earth.It is His and we, His children should always feel at home whereever we find ourseleves. I thank God for revealing Himself to you in such a dimension,yes He will instuct you as to spending of the money. God bless you, i love you too.

  3. Awww, so you’re home? Awwww! Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. Little ol’ you didn’t even know how much people liked you, but God did.Sorry about the sad event that occurred @ VTech. Glad you’re okay though

  4. should one assume that congrats on in order for finishing school?take care and remember that we are all pilgrims wherever we are.home is in our heartsour hearts are focused on heavenso yeah we are ALL basically screwed.LOL

  5. Thank God for his mercies, and plese my condolences as to wht happened at VT…Welcome home!Oh its a blossoming relationship, I need but I think soon I’ll have, stepping fwd in faith and letting God direct our path 🙂

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