Dearest Friends

It appears I have dealt you a bitter blow by gowing away and not bothering to inform you all. I did mention it the last time I was on Terc. I have finally arrived in the UK from my many trips and will be here just a little while. I will try and keep up with my blog trotting and blogging. I thoroughly enjoyed my trips especially the latest the one to nigeria. Oh my Goodness, its really made me think of one day moving back to nigeria in the not so distant future (maybe its the same bug I get every time I go which dies down after 8 months of my return – LOL).

Anyhows, there is a LATEST DEVELOPMENT. Guess friends??

LOve ya.. will keep ya updated.

12 thoughts on “Dearest Friends

  1. Oya, spill now now! Spill the beans!! What happened? Did you get a ring? Did Dangote toast you? Did Adenuga ask you to have his baby? Oh, he built you a house! good to have you back lovey!

  2. um… you’ve met your help meet and you’re getting married soon and moving to scotland? moving back to the states? australia… girl i do NOT like guessing so i will be calling you ASAP!!!

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