My Life – about the Favour of God

Why name myself the life of a stranger called me? I started blogging when I arrived in blacksburg Virginia, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.

So as I walked through blacksburg side roads and its hills, I started to wonder why the Lord would want me here over the period I spent there. For many months I wondered and really prayed about it, and asked Him to teach me whatever lessons I needed to learn and quickly too. But I guess with our relationship, I was always too hard of hearing. A week just before I was due to return to the UK, I attended an amazing conference at the Radford Church of God, and there the Lord spoke to me clearly. I realised finally that my life have always been about the FAVOUR of God. And even though I might have to travel on the road that many don’t travel on, this is the life God had ordained for me.

So since I love blogging so much, and Love God, and find that the only time I don’t querry Him and accuse Him of making life unbearable for me lol, is only when I’m in His word. So I’ve decided to post the lessons I learnt during my time over there. Hopefully when I’m done I can also move over to lessons I’ve learnt here in Italy (seing as my mind being idle is too damaging to my walk with God). I have a really good feeling about this.

So come on over, I have something to tell you – GOD’S FAVOUR IS IMMUTABLE AND CANNOT BE REVERSED.

Oh really, can I pass for a Hottie?!

Blog Idol rocks. I am so loving it. Who would have thought so much fun can be derived from such. And I can only vote for a favourite, not more.

So back to my main story. You would think seing a police car in your neighbourhood would make you feel a tad safe. Well on friday on my way home, after trying to chat to the girls who were hanging around the corner of my apartment scantily dressed at 11pm at night – who by the way thought I was trying to solicit them for a service, could you imagine – anyways that story is for another day – a police car drove by and the men in the car really smilled at me. I wasnt quite sure what all that was about, I mean I’ve spoken to police men which ever counry I’ve been to, they are very good with directions and help, but I felt this was alittle different.

So anyways , I said Ciao back, and continued my walk. Walked past those girls again, cause I sorta missed my turn and had to walk back (so it would look like I was walking back and, said my hellos again and went home. The next day I happened to mention this to my collegue at work who told me that the police men knew all the girls in my district and must have thought I was a new girl walking the block Bwahahahaah. Could you imagine. I was very well and smartly dressed, only below the knee showing. And that they are well within their right to ask the girls for their services as its very legal here. I was sort of flabbagasted, like can I really pass for a road side chica.

And I had to go home so late, cause I stayed out on the phone box chatting to my mum. Obvioulsy not going to try going home in the dark again. You just never know the sort of stories I might be telling. But Im really begining to love it here. The views really are spectacular, and Im only 4hrs away on the train from Munich. Might try visitng continental europe on the train.

Happy voting. NaijaDude rocks. Miss T, can’t wait to hear your next piece.


I am so excited, and I don’t know why, maybe its because temmylicious is finally settled, maybe its because I have this indiscribable joy in my heart. But I know its becauuse God is with me, I just want to go out and shout scream and dance on the top of my street to whoever would listen about the goodness of God. He really is a good God, Did you know that. He really is somthing. Ok, I have 5 job offers, can you imagin that. This my God will not kill me with Favour.