Oh really, can I pass for a Hottie?!

Blog Idol rocks. I am so loving it. Who would have thought so much fun can be derived from such. And I can only vote for a favourite, not more.

So back to my main story. You would think seing a police car in your neighbourhood would make you feel a tad safe. Well on friday on my way home, after trying to chat to the girls who were hanging around the corner of my apartment scantily dressed at 11pm at night – who by the way thought I was trying to solicit them for a service, could you imagine – anyways that story is for another day – a police car drove by and the men in the car really smilled at me. I wasnt quite sure what all that was about, I mean I’ve spoken to police men which ever counry I’ve been to, they are very good with directions and help, but I felt this was alittle different.

So anyways , I said Ciao back, and continued my walk. Walked past those girls again, cause I sorta missed my turn and had to walk back (so it would look like I was walking back and forth..lol), said my hellos again and went home. The next day I happened to mention this to my collegue at work who told me that the police men knew all the girls in my district and must have thought I was a new girl walking the block Bwahahahaah. Could you imagine. I was very well and smartly dressed, only below the knee showing. And that they are well within their right to ask the girls for their services as its very legal here. I was sort of flabbagasted, like can I really pass for a road side chica.

And I had to go home so late, cause I stayed out on the phone box chatting to my mum. Obvioulsy not going to try going home in the dark again. You just never know the sort of stories I might be telling. But Im really begining to love it here. The views really are spectacular, and Im only 4hrs away on the train from Munich. Might try visitng continental europe on the train.

Happy voting. NaijaDude rocks. Miss T, can’t wait to hear your next piece.


I am so excited, and I don’t know why, maybe its because temmylicious is finally settled, maybe its because I have this indiscribable joy in my heart. But I know its becauuse God is with me, I just want to go out and shout scream and dance on the top of my street to whoever would listen about the goodness of God. He really is a good God, Did you know that. He really is somthing. Ok, I have 5 job offers, can you imagin that. This my God will not kill me with Favour.

13 thoughts on “Oh really, can I pass for a Hottie?!

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and seeing things from a different perspective. God is ever faithful always, always. Always. Have a blessed week!-HizGirl

  2. Girlie you pass as a hottie any day! And I can see you’re going places, I sure will be popping in to say hi soon, I’ve dusted my CD’s -” Learn Italian in a week” Might play them for the first time in years. Love your blog too, it’s soooo cool, I’ll be reading.

  3. hey…i’m glad you are happier now..i can ‘hear’ it on your blog. Congrats on your job offers! Na you o! How is the Italian coming along? When you do take your trip..you should take some pics and post them up. I guess you can crop yourself out of it if you want sha. Take care

  4. @anon – same to you, God really is faithful, and because I know He who made the promise is faithful, all I need do is sit and try and be patient. Its all coming together nicely.@azuka – so so true, but I really tried my best not to have a eye eye contact with them.@sisbee – Pls come and quickly too. I hear austria is like 1hr away on the train. And Munich Germany like 4 hrs. The south of Italy can also be reached by train. If I had people to go with, I will be travelling most weekend. But alas, can’t do it all by myself. lol. Thanks for visitng my blog. Looking forward to your vists.@Saph – girly, Im here already, and should try and take some pics right. I guess with the other offers, Ill see if they’ll wait for a year. This one did, hence I repaid their patience with an acceptance.

  5. Hmmm….well firstly I am glad you are feeling excited and joy and doing good in Italo ooh…LOLBut hun, yeah you can pass for a hottie now, who says u aint a hottie, but not that “kinda” hottie eh….heheh its weird eh!Hows the settling in process going? Do you forsee yourself taking up the offer rather than the Japanese?? U know its all good.. 😉 where are my lovely summer pictures???

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  7. Nice to see you r feeling better. Know that your steps are ordered!BTW, of course you can travel alone..I have done it several times all over the world…don’t miss out on this chance. It can be fun!

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