wait just a little while, its beautiful you’ll see….I promise you.

I am encouraged, because God is ever present in my life, and teaching me lessons from whatever activities I undertake. I have always heard from my mum, pastors and friends that I just need to be patient, and its only a matter of “when” before my life as a wanderer is settled. However inspite of this some days were always more difficult than the others, and whenever I would speak negatively I hadn’t really realised that I was giving the devil dominion over my words, which ultimately he would always try to use to defeat me.

This is a diversion from the posts I had promised but I really needed to post this. We had a visitor from seattle in our centre, and he was particularly interested in hiking. So I sugessted we go mountain climbing, however, we couldn’t decide on time which one to go on, so on the day of the hike chose to climb mount bondone, very close to the village of sardania. We had taken the cable car for 700 meters to get to the village and decided to hike from there. Unbeknown to us (me), the walk was a very steep and dangerous one. Imagine climbing a 5000 storey sky scrapper using a stair case that had no bridges in between (well this example is pale in comparrison to what went on), carrying a back pack with drinks in it. Five minutes into the walk we had lost our path, ended up on another one and was literally walking throught the forest. 100 meters into the mountain hike, I was absolutely exhusted, and could no longer lift myself up. I decided to quit, stop and rest. And asked the rest to go on, while I returned to the cable car. But they encouraged me to walk on. Even at times, they slowed their speed, carried my back pack, which allowed me to find a stick to help with the walk. The walk was steep, slippery and most of the time we were at the edge of mountain, and if I lost my footing was defintaely going down.

Many times during the walk I would tell God, that if I were to fall and die, this would mean sucide cause He never sent me and I was uneccessary putting my life in danger. There were many times that I could no longer walk and gripped with fear, because we had lost the second path and was now in the middle of nowhere on the mountain and it didnt look like anyone had gone through the way we were going before. After 700meters up, 3 paths and 3hrs later we found a deserted village, and a resturant, that only fed people that had booked rooms with them. We found favour with them and they fed us. The next bus from there was in 5 hrs, so the group opted to continue to the top. I was very reluctant to follow them, but seing as I spoke no italian, I wasn’t going to be left behind alone. The last walk was the most dangerous of all, but I made it to the top. When I got there, it was the most beautiful scene my eyes had ever behold.

For the first time in the walk, after 1,200meters climbed and 6hrs of solid climbing, the pain, the tears, the missed footings, the suicide watch, I had finally arrived, and it finally made sense. It was about enduring the walk, the journey, withstanding the pain, and forging ahead. The refusal to be intimidated, the bagages that slowed the pace of my walk, and the crying. The Fears, the indecisveness, the doubts, it finally all made sense. If I had stopped 100meters into my walk, I would never have seen what God had for me at the top.

As I got to the top, I realised that the hike wasn’t all about me climbing the mountain of bondone, which had several peaks, but about the journey that is my life, and I had a new revelation. I have a destination, and its a beautiful one, but I just need to push that bit more, lift myself up just that one more, regardless of the weight / bagages I have been carrying, surround myself with encouraging people who are not willing to quit along with me, and know without a shadow of a doubt that I will get there, its only a matter of when. Yes I had heard this messages several times before, but for the first time it really made sense. It really applied to me, it was no longer a sermon, but a trully possible reality. This weekend was yet the best of them all. My end is expected, and wow what an end it would be.

Hope all is well with you, and you have been encouraged. I LOVE it when things like this happen. I sort of mentioned the message to my collegues, who obvioulsy are athiests, and I wasn’t sure what they thought of it, but I KNOW what I think of it.

Have a supper week all. I Know I am.

12 thoughts on “wait just a little while, its beautiful you’ll see….I promise you.

  1. You will surely get there. Sometimes when am boasting about you i even feel u have reached there, the people i boast to always go away believing that for some it is perfect. You have really achieved alot and God is still doing wonders in ur life. Don’t give up!! anyways i trust u….u will surely reach ur expected end.BTW u must have so much strength. I find it difficult climbing my stairs these days and u’re there climbing up and down mountains. Go girl!

  2. this is a powerful message …. like you said, it’s not how you start but how you go through the process and how you finish.

  3. The destination is beautiful but sometimes the journey is hard. Surely the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short. The Lord will give us the strength to climb any mountain. My sis, u try sha..mountain climbing ups to you!

  4. That was a powerful message. Thanx for sharing. Tho’ I did laugh at this: “Many times during the walk I would tell God, that if I were to fall and die, this would mean sucide cause He never sent me and I was uneccessary putting my life in danger”…..I have never thought of that during all my hikes……very funny!

  5. That was a heavy revy………thanks for thatPS By the way, I’ve figured out your real identity. I can’t believe you never said anything all the times you’ve seen me

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