So, I’ve decided not to overly give a positive comment


this is a really short post about my 1 day and 2 night’s trip to Naples. Because my younger brother and sister were around my end on their tour of continental Europe, we decided to go visit Naples. Mind you, my reasons were obviously different to theirs. I went to spend some serious money on garms, they probably wanted to see the ships, the marines, what Naples is really known for.

The journey was a very tedious and tiresome one. We didn’t reserve our seats, so the coach we had fully occupied and really stretched out in and was getting some serious sleep in;, well the owners came and used Italian to bamboozle me and tried to kick us out, can you imagine. Obviously my sister who is fluent in French, figured out what they were saying (French and Italian have same origin) and had to tell them that I “non capisco” them, they calmed down and actually, started to respect us / me. Wow, the power of being an English speaker in Italy.

Anyways, the people came in apologised, sat down put the lights on and started talking – like having a serious conversation at 2am at night. My goodness. The cheek. Anyways, the Lord said I should give them my other cheek to slap after they had slapped the first one. I was exhausted after the train journey, hit the market got some serious stuff for my mum, she will be looking supper lovely when I see her next and got me those super fly sexy jeans. Oh and before I got them, the shop keeper at one shop told me I was FAT. Can you imagine? The Italian sizes are different from other European sizes, so I was taking my UK size 10 (four in number) jean, when this woman took three from my hand and told me, that I can never fit in them. I was like “whara hell”; she pointed at my bum, and spoke in Italian. My translators translated what the woman was saying to me. In the end I forcefully took one off her, tried them, and got the shock of my life. “YeeY Mogbe”, after all my walks, exercises, fasting (not in the biblical sense); I still can’t fit into size 10 again in this country. I left that shop with my money, and went and got me some D&G ones instead. But even though they were XL, I still look fly in them.

So apart from the 2 pairs of Jeans, a very nice silver bag, plenty of nice tops and my mums shoes and bags galore, that was all I went all the way to Napoli / Naples to buy. It was the month of august and on a Saturday, so most of the traders were already in some beach in Italy on holiday. So not as successful as I had wished, ooh well. We definitely reserved our seats on the way back, what a comfy journey. We saw Rome, Florence and many more cities. Oh and we didn’t get to the harbours. The place was a dump, and the train station area reminded me of “Ajegunle” market in Lagos. My brother once said civilization is a concept of the mind. Just because we are in Europe does not infer that there will always be nice places. Many places in Nigeria are way better than most places in the western world.

16 thoughts on “So, I’ve decided not to overly give a positive comment

  1. Wow, now minus the no real shopping. Sounds like fun – With brother and sister. I know the posh brother can’t guess right which sister. I know the posh lil sister in C would like that kind of thing, but strikes me as someone who will shop. So am confused is it A? Ok sounds like fun. I fink i berra start saving for wen i can come too. Why didn’t we plan all these posh trips in my hay days??

  2. @ kel – erms its because we would have gotten lost at the airport – as in non capisco.. So it would have been A, the one who is born to travel, but only seems to giving me rides to the airport. She couldn’t wait to jump on the airplane as they embarked on this journey. Infact I will be home in the UK, before they return from their trip, and we have a wedding to go to the next day. Mean while I need to get some weddign garms, any ideas??

  3. Rinsola took the words out of my mouth… I need some tops too. Shopping here in the states is getting diffcult for me, Nothing fits.My arms are long and i have a broad shoulder, so i cant wear long sleeves. Also, i have a small waist and i am tall, so shopping for jeans is very EXPENSIVE.Anyway, i have written part 2, Can you please come back to my blog?

  4. Just because u’re in Europe does not infer that there will always be nice places….yep, true that…I got the shock of my life too the first time I came to America and saw what one particular street in DC looked like…horrible!!!I’m so glad u guys enjoyed urself sha…I’ve been dreaming of visiting ROME!!!!!

  5. Travel is my passion and Naples and Venice are on my list of places to visit….You live in Italy? So interesting…How’s the shopping? LOL

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