I Dare you to Hope!!

J: Hello darling, how far
L: Nne I am well. Its just that lately my body seem to be really bloated. I feel like my Body is too big for me to enter..lol..
J: You are nuts,,, Emotionally nko,
L: I’m still here
J: I can tell that lately you’ve started to weary, and for this reason I am convinced God is about to do something super great in your life.
…….. she continues…. we pray, we laugh…..

L: I have already made up my mind, that since Today.. is the day that the Lord has made, I must rejoice and be glad in it regardless of my circumstance
J:I know in my heart of hearts that something is about to break forth……. she continues..
J: Make your mind up to forgive and forget, because you have been created for bigger things….

…….. we continue……. she continues……. we laugh again, pray, encourage one another..

Lately, one of the most difficult lessons I have had to learn is perseverance. I have been patient for a long while now, but it’s as if in me being patient I really need to persevere. It is wonderfully true that the Lord never changes. If indeed He were to change, I will probably be in bigger difficulty. Yet I am continually amazed about how God does things.

He trully is a magnificent God.

His words tells me in Psalm 118 vs. 24: that This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. With this new revelation I was able to overcome that helplessness that always seemed to creap in whenever I start feeling sorry for myself. Reminding myself that becasue God is bigger than anything, my circumstance/situation, I need to focus on the fact that He Created today, and my first priority / command is to rejoice in this today, then maybe tommorrow I can feel sorry for myself. But seing that everyday is a day God has created, Rejoicing in it has become my top mission.lol..

After this new revelation I was consoled with the fact that God can never forget me, because He remembers me to bless me (Psalm 115 vs. 12). I was also reminded that because I have made up my mind to rejoice in the day’s of the Lord, I am therefore commiting my ways to Him, which automatically means that I will succeed (Proverbs 16vs. 3). So with all this “ammunition” against “sorry days” I have been wining the battle of perseverance.

Finally the one that really “killed me” was when the Lord brought to my mind to go and read the book of Judges. I was so sure I knew all the stories in the bible, so when I had this urge to go study it again. I obeyed. As I read Judges chapter 4, I was reminded of the first time I read this book. Yes, it was that time I knew how it felt to be really dissappointed, and left for dead. That first time when I had to learn how to be patient. That first time the Lord spoke to me about the new things He was doing in my life (Isaiah 43 vs. 19). It’s been many years now. But the Lord still speaks. He reminded me again in Judges 4vs. 14 – That This is the day the Lord has given me dominion over my problems (I am paraphrasing now)…. Has not the Lord gone ahead of me? The moment I read this, the only words I could say was THANK YOU LORD. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THANK YOU LORD.

So my dear friends all is indeed well with me.

16 thoughts on “I Dare you to Hope!!

  1. wow…thank God for you…Inspiring. Hmmm, “Perseverance, funny cos i just wrote abt this some hours ago. Keep bouncing back babe, bigger things are truly ahead, whether u can see them or not.Sometimes I think of all these great people who have gone ahead of us….How did they feel when they were younger?

  2. hey, u reminded me of a fave song…thank you lord, all i have to say is thank you lord. that brought back memories. and just a reminder, its too late for you not to succeed bcos the path of YOU is as the shinning light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day…

  3. One of the many things i’ve come to realize is that, Before we encounter those bumpy roads, God has given us a consolation, something to hold on to through those times. When i was reading through this post all i could remember was Isaiah 43 vs 2 “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” He sure knows we’ld pass through rivers and walk through fire, right? All He wants us to do is hold on and persevere. It is indeed well with you.

  4. it is well… keep your faith up, and your praise up…when you laugh/smile wen the devil wnts othawise it drives him CRAZY!i went thru something deep last year… and i did not do what i just told you BUT God still was faithful to save!!how much more if we CHOOSE to trust him?be strong,be courageous. let the peace of God indwell in you richly the peace that comes from knowing HE IS STILL IN CONTROL!!

  5. Hi dearie, did u get my text? Do not cast away your confidence, it has a great reward. U know what I always tell u, u are destined for GREATNESS. I’m counting down till D-DAY praising all the way!Amara..too lazy to sign in

  6. Your post is uplifting. Just a while ago, God told me to be patient and longsuffering.Did i do these.No, nothing immeditely, until i have to learn it through what i suffered.Praise God that He loves us so much to give up on us.Bless you

  7. Just discoverd ur blog, and I must say indeed perseverance is impt. One thing the Lord alws reminds me of is that he gives me strength to overcome anytn (phi 4:13), n that it is impossible 4 him to leave me hanging (Isa 49:15-16).

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