There trully is no place like Home

So I am now back in England for some time (ok, two weeks), so calling on all my UK crew make space in your diary for me.

Short post, but I miss you all, so I thought to just be reminding you all that I am around, but not gone.

Oh and Udo, yes you being a silent reader and all, I have something special to post on. Watch this space. lol.

8 thoughts on “There trully is no place like Home

  1. Ah, now I know I am really back 2 blogger. It’s been so long since I was the first 2 comment. LOLHow now? So you’re now in UK for two weeks? When are you gonna be in Maryland, USA? LOL. That’s where u need 2 be, so we can have a burger and watch our asses increase. LOLAnyhoooo…. I’m back 2 blogging sha…again, lol.

  2. U are a TRAVELLER!!!!!!!! Ok, the green-eyed monster in me is coming out. I cast it out in Jesus Name, Amen (lol).Enjoy ur stay darling…take lots of pictures o. I already know u will…

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