Beware of Judas’ Kiss!

A kiss is done out of familarity or out of love for someone“. I’ve found myself many atimes, whenever I meet friends kissing them on both cheeks was usually the norm. Yes familarity. Yes lovingly.
n Psalm 41:9 – “Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me. I am reminded that we will always face one form of dissappointment or the other in our life’s relationships. We ought not to be unaware of the devices of the enemy. To watch our close friends, people we surround ourselves with, so they don’t lead us to total destructions. We need to watch and be prayerful always. Watch the companies we keep, to remember that not everyone is wishing us good progress and happyness.

A kiss that comes from unexpected quarters, a kiss that someone that close to you could deal“. We don’t know the heart of the people we surround ourselves with – a heart that is desperateyly wicked, no one can fathom –Jeremiah 17:9 – People that are destroying you that are supposedly helping you – Matthew 15:18-19 – beware of them.

A kiss that’s given out of jealousy” – not everyone can stand your success. Remember, the Lord will surely lift you up, but remember not every one will be really happy with you. To remember that not everyone can stand your sucess.

A kiss thats given from a loose tongue” – James 3: 5-6 – a loose tongue can make or cause those who would never want to turn against you to turn against you. Ordinarily this person would never turn against the friend, but their friend’s loose tongue causes MISTRUST and hatred, which once gone is impossible to get back. Betrayal is a very terrible thing to happen in any frienship, not to be wished upon anyone. Therefore be careful whom you place your trust in. Remember, adversaries may rise up becasue you do not know the spirit of the person you are talking to. Tread carfeully people.

In order to overcome all, we ought to be spiritually alert. To learn not to open our mouth to talk everything we feel needs to be heard. To excercise God’s wisdom, and find out the best ways of saying things, so that it will never be misunderstood. We need to READ and KNOW the word of God, and find out how to apply it.

Isa. 59:9 “So justice is far from us, and righteousness does not reach us. We look for light, but all is darkness; for brightness, but we walk in deep shadows”. Gal. 6:7 – “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” Let us endeavour not to engage in Judas’ kiss. Not to be deceived, that whatever a man sows that is exactly what they will receive. There will be a mighty penalty to pay if one is not careful. Let the act go. If you are he/she that goes about digging other peoples grave with your kiss, be very aware, same can easily be done to you. This is our year of new beginings. Let us continue to keep in mind that life is so precious.

God forbid if anything were to happen to any of you, what would YOU be remembered for? Think about it.

I pray that I will never be engaged in bringing people down, be engaged in discussing or destroying the trust many have placed upon me, not to be a Judas to anyone who entrusts so much to me. I also ask us all to say this short prayer – Forgive me God for all the times that I have betrayed people that trusted me. Lord forgive me in Jesus Name. Amen.

I have a testimony to tell

Can I get you, someone to lend me just an ear?
I tell you the Lord has been too good to me,
Is my words and plea falling on deaf ears?
Come and hear what the Lord has done for me
I can hardly contain myself

I cannot keep this any longer to myself
I must speak and testify of His goodness,
I must confess of his countless mercies and grace
I must shout aloud His favours and too many open doors

I really need you to give me a min
Someone, anybody
He’s not a man to lie
His promises He has brought to pass
Plans long ago is accumulating to my now breakthroughs

I don’t know where to begin,
But I have to start from somewhere

Why oh why God have you refused to forget me
Why oh why have You insisted on blessing me so
Of my faith I am the least
Of those that doubted I was the champion
Of those that encountered resistance I was the first to make a negative suggestion

Ever ready to bow off
Ever ready to make an excuse as why the opposition
Ever ready to drink
that mind destructing liquor

But your grace and mercy have forever been sufficient for me
To love and forgive me for your sake
To favour me even when it’s not merited
To favour me even when it’s not fair

Have I told you lately Lord that I love you

Away from me

Let down I think not
You are consumed with rivalry, revelry
Opulence, negligence,

But who are You
Does these feeling exist in one
So fond of life, love
One so strong that embodies success

Disappointed, dismayed, I think so

Why must You be the bane of so many emotions
That epitomizes that which is abhorred, scorned
And ridiculed by many
Such strong passions, such pain, such hate
I’m I making sense

Why must you insists on ruining
Lives so marked
Paved, Surrounded and Deep-rooted in Love

Away from me