I have a testimony to tell

Can I get you, someone to lend me just an ear?
I tell you the Lord has been too good to me,
Is my words and plea falling on deaf ears?
Come and hear what the Lord has done for me
I can hardly contain myself

I cannot keep this any longer to myself
I must speak and testify of His goodness,
I must confess of his countless mercies and grace
I must shout aloud His favours and too many open doors

I really need you to give me a min
Someone, anybody
He’s not a man to lie
His promises He has brought to pass
Plans long ago is accumulating to my now breakthroughs

I don’t know where to begin,
But I have to start from somewhere

Why oh why God have you refused to forget me
Why oh why have You insisted on blessing me so
Of my faith I am the least
Of those that doubted I was the champion
Of those that encountered resistance I was the first to make a negative suggestion

Ever ready to bow off
Ever ready to make an excuse as why the opposition
Ever ready to drink
that mind destructing liquor

But your grace and mercy have forever been sufficient for me
To love and forgive me for your sake
To favour me even when it’s not merited
To favour me even when it’s not fair

Have I told you lately Lord that I love you

10 thoughts on “I have a testimony to tell

  1. Wow! Just got home from work and after a VERY stressful day, this is what I needed. Thanks for sharing, and …… just thanks! Honestly tears have come to my eyes. God is indeed faithful, even in our unbelief! With faith as small as a mustard seed! Thanks!Kuesoom

  2. My sis, i am joining you to praise the Lord. Indeed this is an astounding testimony. The Lord is faithful concerning His promises. You are indeed blessed, a city set on a hill!

  3. Thank God for your Blessings. You are highly favored, babe. Too many times in my life, I have wondered why God saw me through. I certainly didnt deserve it. I never have, but still He doesn’t disappoint me.

  4. I love u, love u love u, love u love u, love. Really being silly. How now? You know love covers a multitude of sins including not calling like I said i would. E ma binu o..we’ll speak soon. U r blessed

  5. O yes, why does he love us inspite of us? Why me, why such favor, but you know what, that who he is, his love is unconditional. I love your blog, keep up the good work.

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