Living in God’s Divine Will

I am wondering, if there are people out there, who are of the view, or use the excuse that whatever God has written for them it is permanent regardless of whether they act or not.

I ask you this question, when His season to bless you comes, and he harkens to you, reveals His words and plans to you, sends His prophets to you, advising you to stand up and walk into His blessings, do you still sit where you are, citing that because He is a God whose plans are irrevocable, He will make sure what He has for you comes to pass, whilst you sit and not do as you’ve been told / warned. Do you still expect God to then bless you when you think is the right time, after you have refused to listen to Him When He asked you to act!

His words give us examples of people who waited on Him and when it was their time to get up and Go they did. To name a few, people Like Abram (Gen. 12:4), who later became Abraham because He struck out when God told him to. People like Joshua, who of his generation (with Caleb) saw the Promised Land (Num 14:38; 26:65; 32:12). People Like Jesus’ disciples. In Noah’s time (Gen. 6:8), he listened and acted, but the people around him could have been saved if they believed and acted when warned. There too was the example of the two thieves hanging on the cross next to Jesus, one recognised his season and the other didn’t. These aforementioned walked into their destiny thereby fulfilling the purpose and plan God had for them.

So I ask you again, which one are you? Think about it? Why then do you complain about how others seem to be fulfilling their purpose in God, while you do like the Israelites did at the time when Herod asked them the question about where Jesus was to be born, when He was already born and living among men (Matt. 2:4).

As for me, I have made up my mind, not to be disobedient and be watchful in prayer for when the Lord bids me to act. Because only when I partner with Him in agreement will I know when to and when not to act.

4 thoughts on “Living in God’s Divine Will

  1. you are speaking in correct obvious thing is that you do have a real relationship with the Lord, which is something i constantly try to work on too..the Lord is your strenght..peace

  2. There always seems 2 be a thin line between destiny and free will. Sometimes I wonder if B would have happened had I not done A. In terms of my future, I strongly believe that I have 2 work for it, but God in his infinite mercy and love with guide me thru it. The times when I wonder about destiny and free will are during sad times…like death. Did he die because God decided it was his time? What if he had gone to the hospital and gotten checked out? Would he still be here? I can’t stop wondering.

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