Amazing God, Amazing King

I woke up this morning with this song in my spirit and kept singing it all the way to work. It really got me thinking what really qualifies God as amazing in ones life. Let me give an example, I returned to Goteborg again this week even though some time ago during the early years of my study I had the opportunity to visit it with my cuz and her colleagues from Harvard. For me it was one of the best cities I had been to, and the roads appeared to be never ending (we were always walking). We stayed in the Hotel Gothia Towers, and on the west end 20th floor having breakfast on the 23rd which was only allowed depending on the floor level you were staying. I spent a little money on an outfit which I wore when I went to pick my sister’s things when she was finally leaving university for the great big wide world. Her friends thought the outfit was amazing and my sister never forgot it.

Fast forward to the present time. The experience was no different with the previous (or so I thought), only that I went with colleagues of mine, who were experts in their field of science and already had a preconceived idea of what they felt was beautiful and what was not. The city is not an old one, so no buildings that date back to the middle ages, and no significant art work that might inspire them. Nevertheless, they were not overly impressed with the city and didn’t think it was a place for them to come back to. When they asked me what my view of the city was, it took me more than a second to answer them. The fact may have been, since the five years I last visited the city, I may have been to other cities each of which I felt may have been more amazing than the other. In any case as disappointed as I was, it got me thinking. I wondered what made this visit any different to the first.

Going back to my topic today, as irrelevant as the example I’ve given may be, it really got me thinking. For some of us, our view of God is the amazing things He’s done or does for us, the memories of the significant breakthroughs that have brought us to where we are today. But, when the opportunity arises for us to face those same situations again which we once overcame in our past, the fact that we didn’t do as well as we did before or did terribly, automatically translates that God is no longer amazing to us. We begin to allow the insignificant become significant. We begin to grumble at God, saying “after all, if He knew we weren’t going to overcome it, then why put us through the whole emotion of being hopeful. Better still, He has the power of taking the situation away completely, so why allow us to face it a second time; why allow us to go through it, when He knew we were going to fail anyway…. Wouldn’t it have been better for us to be of good cheer, while reminiscing about the old memories, instead of allowing our minds to become defiled with the new ones that “kinda ruins” the old.

I remembered telling my colleagues, it would have been better with the old memories, but now I know better. I am not disappointed because this visit was nothing compared to the old visit. I am glad that I had the opportunity to go through this experience again, and know that the city wasn’t beautiful because of what it had to offer, it was beautiful because I choose to believe it was. I choose to believe that whatever comes my way that God is still amazing. I think that ought to be the stance we take in life. God is not just amazing for the things He does for us, He is simply amazing because of who He is. He is God. He was, is and will be forever God. I think that pretty amazing don’t you think?


I’m falling inlove with me all over again. He reminded me again what He told me three years ago, that the Life He created me for is larger than the life I’m living. And He also said – “You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” – Numbers 11:23 – I feel like it’s my birthday already.

I don’t know what to make of all this, I’m wondering, Is there a “Bently” waiting for me, or am I about to be transformed to a billionaire. I feel like something is about to be birthed in my soul – Transform lives and make a change, He said. Ok here I am. Ready for action. Oh and I’m wearing my purple chequerd top, with silver line and brown tint. Yay.. Loves it.

Jeremiah 1:12

What word has God spoken to you lately that the enemy been contending with. Yesterday the favour of Lord was so magnificent that I went home and woke up feeling too wonderful.

I will be away again for a week on a meeting in Sweden. I’m really looking forward to this trip. Can’t wait to visit another country, after my three weeks break.

Remember Jer. 1:12 – The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”

Once He has spoken, twice have I heard.. it is indeed well with my soul.. Yay.. God has been moving me unto new levels and relms in my relationship with Him. He really has been showing Himself victorous. In not too far, I have a testimony to share. And indeed the Lord has been so good to me.

About love, commitment, feelings, relationship, maturity e.t.c.

Love is not just a feeling, it comprises of it. Feelings aren’t the evidence of love. Love is an exercise of ones will—a decision you deliberately and consciously take based on knowledge and understanding to stick with the object of your love (a woman or man) no matter what happens; this decision will eventually open up a flood-gate of strong feelings.

Because of your commitment to someone, when feelings disappear momentarily, you can stay in there till the feelings return. So if someone tells you I don’t have feelings for you again, lets take a break, then he either doesn’t understand what love is or never loved you in the first place or probably thought he really loved you and mistook a fleeting passion for a strong deep undeniable love— one that should come with the strength to stick it out in moments of dryness of feelings.

There is something I always say, Love is the most used word but the scarcest of true experience; most people say I love you or think they love, but in actual fact what they mean by “I love you” is actually, “I love the way you make me feel”, so in other words if you stop making me feel this way, then I will stop being there for you—which is lack of commitment. Now think about it, If your ex has walked out of your life, and tells you he can’t be committed now, really though not deliberately, he causes you pain yet in your heart of heart you still love him. Now! That is true love, commitment no matter what, but sadly Men have a problem acting this way, they are usually “Wonderful Committed Beginners” but never can sustain, so they say I’m afraid of commitment; such men need to Grow up.

Feelings are fickle; they are like fire, if you don’t keep putting wood (fuel) it will go out. What is wood in this case? Doing for the other what he likes and not quarrelling too frequently.
If the feelings are not there or dies, it’s because you have made up your mind not to be committed; you must tell yourself I may not feel like it now but I’ve made a commitment, so we are going to work this out, now my African queens this is very hard work and it takes being unselfishness in the relationship to achieve this. Then you’ll find the feelings will come back, so instead of a crisis breaking you up, it makes you stronger; you work out your issues and in so doing you understand each other better. Love now grows because you now understand your partners sensitivities, you are more like a team, you deal with issues together, not take off when you encounter challenges, BECAUSE YOU HAVE BOTH MADE A COMMITMENT TO STICK TO EACH OTHER, PERIOD!

Love takes a lot of perseverance and patience to grow and be sustained. So when you see couples in-love, understand it wasn’t always like that in the beginning they worked together through the challenges and storms and made it to the other side of a now enviable relationship. So really the key is finding som1 who loves you enough and who you believe in enough to weather the storm together and get to the other side of the storm, which is a Beautiful Enviable Relationship because—once again—of commitment.

Love is not just about feelings; it is actually, about a decision to be committed. It gives the strength to stick with that one person. Love mixed with maturity, which is actually a proper view point of what life or love is makes you have the ability to see the quality and heart of the one you love, beyond their physical appearance. Because even the bible says for this reason a MAN (not a boy) will leave (not a mama’s boy still hanging unto mummy’s apron)—these are two prerequisite for a good husband.

Boys not men chase you out of an initial excitement, but when you as the lady returns that feeling, they get scared because they aren’t ready for a lifelong commitment relationship. They want to keep humping around, living the single life or whatever their individual reasons may be. It means in the beginning he didn’t really think about what he was feeling or wanted before leading the woman on and this a marked trait of Immaturity— a real mature man should think before he jumps.

A relationship where each persons needs are not being met, will die. Also, a relationship where there is constant bickering and quarrelling will kill feelings and may eventually end the relationship, so avoid Quarrelling but by all wisdom please let your feelings be known and agree on the best way to resolve conflicts.

Commitment means I can no longer have space. My life is now shared with another. I’m now accountable to someone else and can’t really make decisions, especially ones that will seriously impact on the relationship e.t.c changing location.

ADVICE: Women, hold your excitements about a man till you’re sure about him, and then let go. (For the Immature man who hasn’t grown up, i mean)

ADVICE: Women, if you use the behavior you should have during marriage on a relationship, you’d ruin things. If you act like you’re married to a man while in a relationship, he gets scared and runs away. To know how your partner wants to be loved, watch how he shows you love. (For the Immature man who hasn’t grown up, i mean)

A good man will welcome a woman’s sincere love, embrace her when she returns affection and holds onto her no matter what; even when the fear (that most men feel when they meet a potential) arises. We men all feel that fear to whatever degree, I did, even couple months to my wedding. One just has to hold on long enough, and let go of the fear of commitment.

So my African queens if a guy doesn’t want you—however he tells you, or makes you know he isn’t ready to commit to you—Let the guy go. He isn’t worth your time and it’s most of the time HIS LOSS (which he usually realizes late). If he really wants you, he will come for you when he gets his act together and realizes the mistake he has made.

So say to yourself, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME. I’M BEAUTIFUL BY ALL STANDARDS, because what break-ups tend to do is mess up our self-esteem, but refuse to give in to that, get up, pick up the mistakes made, make corrections, move on, because there is someone out looking for you just the way you are.

Above all, Let GOD lead the way. A man without the fear of God in him isn’t right for any woman; For he will surely hurt you.

By An Anonymous Ibo Guy (a great friend of nma – my adopted cali chicka friend..)

(Ladies he’s married- ain’t that something…)

side note
Where there is the Love of God, there is no fear. God is Love, so a man born of God, born of His Spirit has His likeness within him. He has the ability to Forbear, be Kind, forgive, shares the burden of others, thinks less of self but of others, regardless of how difficult it may appear. However, a man who displays none of this, is born of self not of God. Flee from such a man…