Are you an Analogue or a Digital Oscillator?

“An oscillator is a “device” that works on the principles of oscillation: a periodic fluctuation between two things based on changes in energy. Metal detectors are among the many devices that use oscillators, and the most accurate timepiece in the world, the atomic clock, keeps time according to the oscillation within atoms”.

All oscillators operate according to the same basic principle – an oscillator (which invariably generates signals) always employs a sensitive amplifier whose output is fed back to the input in phase. Thus, the signal regenerates and sustains itself. The frequency at which an oscillator works is usually determined by a quartz crystal. When a direct current is applied to such a crystal, it vibrates at a frequency that depends on its thickness, and on the manner in which it is cut from the original mineral rock. And even though some oscillators have been known to employ combination of inductors, resistors, and/or capacitors to determine the frequency, the best is obtained in oscillators that use quartz crystals”. The output response can either be an analogue response – where the properties of the signal is manifested in the form of the amplitudes or the phases; or a digital response – when the stored physical property is able to be played back, and in so doing transforms the analogue stored property to a digital one.

Now, this is not a Science or Nature paper but in a way applies to our lives as men and women created of God. The way we respond as oscillators transmits a series of events which can either be an analogue response or a digital one. As human oscillators we fluctuate between completely different phases in our lives especially when it comes to our mindset – where we oscillate back and forth from one state to another. And because as oscillators we need amplifiers to amplify our response to the “external signal”, depending on what our response is, that output tends generally to be increased. Therefore, if our response is positive, then a positive signal is amplified and is fed back to our mind, creating a positive feedback loop. However if a negative response is activated, a negative feedback loop is created, which invariably modulates our perception, and thus leaves one feeling either like a conqueror or defeated.

We can’t always respond positively to a situation, and even though as oscillators we may contribute to the amplification of the response to the problem (i.e. the external signal), the frequency of our amplified response is still dependent on a rock, the quality and tensile strength of the rock within, which acts as a checkpoint control – (Tensile strength is defined as the stress at which a material breaks or permanently deforms. Tensile strength is an intensive property and, consequently, does not depend on the size of the test specimen. However, it is dependent on the preparation of the specimen and the temperature of the test environment and material).

Therefore the thicker and stronger the rock, the stronger the response with which we respond to the situation. And so if our rock is the Rock of Ages (our GREAT and awesome God), who turns every “external signal” input for our good, then the amplified response can only be positively reinforced amplitudes. However, if your rock was to be substituted, the generated output frequency displays a damped oscillation, because the checkpoint control is of a poor quality.

So I ask you this question, what stuff are you made of? What rock are you standing on? Is your REINFORCER, your check point control the Rock of Ages, our Strong and Mighty God, that cannot break, that is a consuming fire, and reigns from Ages to ages. Whom In Gen. 49:24, is known as the Rock of Israel; in Deut. 34:4, is known as simply the ROCK; in Deut. 32:15, is known as the Rock our Saviour. Of whom the people of Israel boasted of in Deut. 32:31, saying there was no rock like their Rock, for the Lord God is indeed a Rock that can never be moved.

So even though in the past my behaviour could be interpreted as an oscillatory dynamics with respect to the yo-yoing effect of my attitude when it comes to how I respond to any situation I encounter in life, whether it be biphasic, or increased amplitude with regards to the amplified negative feedback loop, I have asked the Lord to forgive me. And to teach me how to become a “digital Christian” so that every knowledge of Him that is already stored up in me that will increase my understanding of Him be transformed; Not to just remain as an analogue Christian where the confused state seem to be the observed behaviour, but rather to have the transformation and renewing of my mind that terms a digital Christian.

I may oscillate, in response to a signal transmitted by a difficulty, but because I have the Rock of Ages as my rock that can never be moved, my sensor that is quick to amplify my response signal will only pass through the check point that is my God, so that the observed physical analogue response can be converted to a digital response that has an increased positive frequency to keep my mind firmly as that of a conqueror.

What story will your signal response tell?

8 thoughts on “Are you an Analogue or a Digital Oscillator?

  1. this takes mii backit reminds mii of junior year trying to create a computer based oscilloscope that accepted analog and digital datahmmmmmm………………back to the presentwonderful analogy, it resonates

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