How Saved are You?

She led him by the hand, and he was out of breath, She led Granddad to safety, and then she suffered death, the ones that were responsible will think upon this deed, Warning have been given, but these they did not heed. The only excuse they can give, a bullet went astray, but the facts cannot be altered, they took her life away. As she lay upon the ground, little arms by her side, her Granddad stood and wept and wept, until the poor mite died. People clustered round, horror on their face, to take the life of one so young, a terrible disgrace, the men, and I mean men; the police of our country carried her lifeless body and passed down in between people young and others old who stood on either side of the never-ending road in which the ”kiddy” died. Each man that carried her, his face was full of awe, for in his arms, limp and still, a child of only four, peaceful and content, in one way, or the other, the smile upon her waxen face, I’m sure was meant for mother, with her she’ll be united one day at heavens door, They’ll pause awhile, then enter to live for evermore.

All who used a gun, or took part in this affray, please stand, think, and study, through each passing day, then go along to church and when you are within repent to the lord, this is a story of what happened in Nigeria some days past, how the life of an innocent child was taken by a stray bullet due to crises in the area; I can tell u that the men involved in this act didn’t know God. If I may ask you, you reading this, who do you believe in? Do you know God, have you known him, and those of us that do, if an innocent child like that could be hit by stray bullet on trying to take his Granddad to safety, what about you? If God forbid, something was to happen to any of us, what story will you’re life’s events be?

Today I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the arts and literature event organised by Farafina Magazine”. If you would like to hurry down along, more information can be found on , I won’t be able to make it, but I trust it would be too much fun. I hope they continue to organise more events that I can attend. So see you tomorrow for Happy Friday Everyone.

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