I Believe in God

As part of the concerted effort on the blogsphere carried out on the 1st of Dec., (An idea initiated by the loveliest Zoe Believer) I would like to do a Happy Friday everyone series on this. But I will have to confess I have not done this by myself. It’s a joint effort between me and him.

Last night I spoke to B and R about the Will of God. I was testifying to them how being in the Lord’s will is by far the most important. That in spite of where I am or where I think I ought to be, that where He has placed me and what He has offered me is by far the best. And that to be in His will and be at peace is what matters the most.

I believe in God, especially when I know that when I was not saved He was so busy at work to bring me under the saving grace of Jesus. He held out hope that one day, today that I will know Him and make my mind up to follow Him all the days of my life

I believe in God, because if not for Him, the troubles that overwhelmed me would have sent me to the depths of the grave, but for Him. For he is indeed my God that delivers me with His mighty hand

I believe in God, because in the midst of my sorrow, He granted me peace, in the midst of my confusion He gave me joy, in the midst of dishonour, He upheld me, in the midst of disgrace, He displayed me, and in the midst of my enemies, He enlarged my footsteps so that I would continue to stand head and shoulder above them

I believe in God, because I know for a fact under human reasoning I will not be where I am today; because He has already loved me, and not because of what I’ve done, but because He is love and that’s all that matters

I believe in God, for he promised me in the book of Gen. 4:6-7 that if I believe in him and follow His precepts, that my life will be bright with joy, but where I refuse, that I should watch out for sin is waiting to attack, longing to destroy, but these I know I can conquer only by believing in him

I believe in God, for in the book of Deut. 26:16-18, he commanded me to believe in him wholeheartedly, that I should – obey all of these commandments and ordinances that the Lord your God is given you today, having declared today that he is your God and have promised to obey and keep his laws and ordinances and to heed to all he tells me to do

I believe in God, for he said I should let everything that I do reflect my love of the truth and the fact that I am indeed honest about it, by believing in him he has assured me that His plans towards me is not what I should work out, neither are his thoughts the same as mine, for just as the heavens are higher than the earth , so are God’s ways higher than mine and yours, this He confirmed in Isa. 55:8-9, and because He said it, I believe in him

I believe in God, because He speaks and His words comes to pass, for He is indeed faithful and true

I believe in God, for if I were given to the end of time, it would not be enough to declare his goodness to me. And if I were to write out my reasons for believing in Him, all the word document allowance will not be enough to write it all out. And due to the size of the document, it would be too large to be sent via the internet. So I’ll stop here.

So how about you? Who do you believe in? Think about it. Is your life displaying the life style worthy of whom you believe in?

5 thoughts on “I Believe in God

  1. I believe God bigtimewhy?The Holy Spirit lifted me up bodilyI had to know Godi mean really KNOW HimThere is no going back and i trust Him totallyI like when you said "being in God's will is the best thing that can ever happen to one."

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