Fresh Start

I’m pretty excited this week. I feel like someone who has just won tons and tons of money from the lottery and I’m even more reassured now that my life is wonderful. I am wonderful, and I feel good. Well that’s because of what “onu chukwu – the mouth of God” spoke concerning me, and it is written in Psalm 18 vs. 43 -46: “Thou hast delivered me from the strivings of the people; and thou hast made me the head of the heathen: a people whom I have not known shall serve me. As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me. The strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places”.

This week I was supposed to spend it away from the office, in Cambridge town, but because of the wonderful weather in the south of England I was stranded in a fine airport in Bologna waiting for a delayed flight which was later cancelled. I came back so late at night, cold, tired and a little grumpy. It was snowing too here but we seem to have a better way of handling this sort of weather. Well I guess all this whether Good or bad works together for my good.

I was reading the book of 1Kings and my attention was drawn to 1Kings:1-3: When King David was old and well advanced in years, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him. 2 So his servants said to him, “Let us look for a young virgin to attend the king and take care of him. She can lie beside him so that our lord the king may keep warm.” Then I remembered the story of Zechariah and His wife Elizabeth, which my wonderful pastor preached on Sunday – Luke 1:5-7Both of them were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly. But they had no children, because Elizabeth was barren; and they were both well along in years. I also went back to the book of Genesis 2:18“The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” – It was because God saw that Adam was lonely that was why He made eve so that she will help take that loneliness away by doing “stuff” together with him.

So I started to wonder, here are two old men, David and Zechariah, two wonderful men whom God called his priests (one by calling, one by birth). One in his old age after marrying so many women (for different reasons), still had no one to help keep him warm at night (even if he was a king and the queens have separate rooms, but we are told they needed someone to keep him warm, whatever happened to one of the wives doing this?); and the other married only one, both of whom were faithfully serving God in their old age even with their inability to bear children. And this just struck me. It was indeed that first decision that paved the way for the end. Choosing to marry an individual is one of the most important decisions a person can ever make. Then I thought of a very long road, with the middle coated with tar, the sides untouched, red sandy gravel, next to a deep ditch; and then I thought, imagine walking on this road with someone who’s a bit temperamental and could accidently push you off.. alarm bells. Ok so this is not such a good example, but it gives an idea of how important that one decision really is. Think about it? And the same applies in every area of our lives. Do the decisions we make have longevity? Will it stand the test of time? Are we one when faced with difficultly we feel the need to abandon project and search for another? Have we chosen to decide that come what may we are sticking with God?

I have started to see so many things so clearly, and they have all started to make sense now. It makes sense that a life of purpose is by far better than a life of existence. That my decision to choose to stand in readiness of what comes my way is harder than choosing to sit and settle for what I see around me. Sometimes I think back to the beginning, where it all started, and think of where I am now, which makes me realise how busy the Lord has been working in my life; and each day, month, year have been better than the previous. I don’t know about you but I feel a sense of urgency to make up my mind to choose to see God in every aspect of my life, regardless; because I know that because God is always by my side, my future can only get better. And even more outstanding that no weapons forged against me will prosper, so why should I settle for what is seen. And with this, my once unsteady feet, is no longer afraid. Because now I know without a shadow of a doubt that everything that “seems” to be crawling around me, was allowed to bring about the fulfilment of my promise.

So today everyone I have made that decision YET AGAIN, NEVER to fear the shadows of my past failures. I am super confident, and thus I have resolved never again to be afraid. I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, but what a walk. The sounds of a violent waterfall surrounded me, the walk even steeper than imagined and the path more dangerous and rocky than envisaged, and who would speak of the darkness that shielded the path. But wow I came out. I came out injury free, I came out victorious. And I came out stronger than I went in. I came out and was led unto the straight path, I came out and immediately He directed me unto my carefully planned out path. Wow Lord I made it. I made it. Thank you Lord for being by my side. Zechariah and Elizabeth made it, and even though like the parable of the labourers in the vineyard (Matt. 20:1-16) they might have been likened to those who may have worked from the 6th hour since their promise came about in their old age, mine would be like those that came in the 11th hour and I know I will get the same reward but sooner.

So dear Lord lead the way, I will be a fool not to follow. Dear Lord help me take off these high heeled shoes that may be getting in the way, so that my toes won’t pinch as I try to run after you….

Mehn this path is the bunz ………..

6 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. yes ooooooooooooooooolet us not be bond by the failures or mistakes of the past or our fear of the futurei like the lines you drew, they were so far that i couldn’t initially see the connection

  2. @Mimi thanks for dropping by>@Kafo – girl I get accused all the time for having disjointed post. I guess cause somany things are coming to my mind and sometimes I want to put them all togther, but I hope that in the end the messages sort of comes out. Thanks for stopping by too.

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