Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her; happy are those who hold her tightly – Proverbs 3:18

I knew of a man who inherited a precious stone, sought after by many given only to a few, he neither worked for it, or deserving of it. And because He had no knowledge of its price less worth or cared for it, he threw it away as if it were a pebble and watched it flip through the stream that flowed beside his abode.

I knew also a man that was shown a mine rich with unimaginable glory. A fertile ground that required very little effort to dig up the valuables that laid underneath. After He was handed over a shovel to dig up for himself to his heart content, he sat on it instead for a while. Then he thought to himself, surely I have seen richer grounds with greener pastures. No, I shall move on to a ground that requires no digging, a ground that is seen from afar of unimaginable worth.

Oh how I remember that man, yes that man that bequeathed to me that precious stone and showed me pastures green. A Man so rich He owned the whole world.

For a while then I had no idea of His worth, and threw Him away as I moved away from Him. I will never forget the way that Lead to the truth and life everlasting which He showed me. How I thought there must be an easier way that didn’t have to be His. I had no idea that His way was a path filled with unimaginable riches, and because I was only interested in the things that “was seen” I saw no value in “working” it out through believing in Him. I had no idea that I had to first recognize that He is “the way, the truth and life”; Oh how I have suffered for lack of knowledge. I had no idea that I had to work out my salvation with fear and trembling; and that as I delved into Him, by building my relationship with Him, this got me closer to Him, oh how He longed to show me all the unsearchable things I knew not.

Dearest Lord what price less gift YOUR SAVING GRACE is; what can I compare such a gift to. Thank You Lord for on countless occasions, Your repeated refusal to give up on me, even with all of my disobedient ways. Thank You Lord for everything You did for me.

Dear Lord, if I were to make sacrifices in the same magnitude as Solomon and David did, it will not be enough to show how much You mean to me. And if I were to dance without restraint from now, even to the end of the world, it would still not fully show how much Lord I adore you. Lord sometimes I forget and limit you, but Lord thank you for loving me in spite of me. Yes Lord, You have been my God even when I didn’t care to know you, and gently you have always stood by me, even after I rejected you. Lord God You are indeed my pride, and my one true Love. You Lord mean EVERYTHING to me. I may not show it Lord sometimes, but just incase I pass through “those” days Lord, I just want to tell the Whole World that I will bless you forever for You are more than Life to me. Yes Lord You have been my Rock of ages, and I will never again throw away the priceless gift You’ve given to me. You Lord I cannot compare, and no rock or gemstone will ever be able to make me leap for joy when compared to the leap at the thought of You.

You Lord make my heart skip a beat………… And I love you dear Lord.

Anything of value takes time to form (thank you Lord for taking your time to mold me) – I just never realized I was a collector’s item (I don’t know about ya’ll, but Wow, who could imagine me God’s Collector’s item) …….

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