Come and Join me Sing Halleluyah

“What is man that you make so much of him, that you give him so much attention” – Job 7:17

Who is he that dares to say that God does not answer prayers or He’s in the business of helping others but not you?

Ok erm, I may at one point in this life of mine brought such an accusation before the Lord, which right now I repent of and ask the Lord to forgive me of (for all the times in disappointment wondered if You are really good to me, Lord I’m sorry).

Some times it is good to challenge God and ask for fruits of answered prayers. Sometimes you may have been waiting on Him for something and for years you feel like you are just knocking your head against a brick wall; and maybe since it appears that the prayers are not being answered, maybe it’s time for you to just accept it’s never going to happen.

So as I was entering this awesome month of March, I said to the Lord, that I wanted Him to crown my prayers with testimonies; that I wanted to see signs of answered prayers in my life. I asked the Lord that the prayers that I’ve been seeking Him for, that I wanted the beauty of honoured prayers in my life. I wanted to see, and people to see that there is glory and beauty that comes with honoured prayer requests upon my life. I had said to God that I wanted to know if my prayers were not just bouncing back unnoticed.

And just when I least expected it, the Lord embarrassed me with more than I could imagine or envisage. And it’s only the first week in March. Wow, this God is really fast.

Mighty God, if I had known, I would not have despised my life to the point of death (Job 7:16). For Lord you are indeed God, and truly there is no God like you dear Lord. You have shown me on so many occasions that you are not an unfair God and that each and every one of us, You Love with the same passion. And that Your will for us is of Good and not of evil, and for us to have a wonderful life lived in fulfilment of purpose (Jeremiah 29:11). Thank You Lord for just being You.

I thank you Lord, because I know that for the rest of this AWSOME year of 2009, I will be singing halleluyah. Praise be unto Your Holy Name, for the Great works that You have done, and the countless more that You keep doing.

5 thoughts on “Come and Join me Sing Halleluyah

  1. @ Rita – Yes sweets I agree with you, more testimonies are on the way in Jesus name – Amen.@ Kafo – It is so important for us to go through the days when we feel like He doesn’t hear us, so that when the time comes, it really makes us realise that this God, trully is awsome. It is sweets, always remember that God loves you, and wants the best for you, which means that regardless of what we face it can only get better.@ Anthony – Yay, trully God is good.@ Simeone – We have no choice, but to keep believing and holding on. It is well with us.

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