I need to Pray

Pray continually – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints – Ephesians 6:18

For the first time in a short while, I was reminded that even though it was understandable for soldiers to take a break from prayers, it is not advisable. There are many plausible reasons which we use to explain away why we spend less time communicating with God, but I have found out, the less time you spend praying, you find yourself moving away from God.

So I had promised myself that even though I am taking a short break, I will make sure my prayer life is consistent during this time. Well truth be told, I found my self on most days rising and just getting on with things – my excuse it’s just not the same anywhere else but home. I feel like when I’m in my place here, I know I just have to pray. But anywhere else it’s like oops I forgot to pray this morning, and then try to make up by praying during the day. I am now back in good old Povo, and as I struggled to get up this morning, it was as if I could hear the Lord saying to me, ok hunni, I’ve turned a blind eye this last few weeks, but the battle is still on, and I must arise and pray without season.

I remember saying, tomorrow I’ll get back to the swing of things, but come to think of it, if your adversaries don’t take days off, the locust trying to eat away your blessing don’t take days off, then why are we entitled days off? So could you imagine the amount of damage that could be made the moment you cease to pray? I guess that has always been one of the driving forces when I intercede for others. But for some reason not for myself..

I remember this morning telling God, I will be praying in the spirit (while I still rest, after all I have just gotten back and found myself dozing off (lol)), and besides everything is wonderfully wonderful. Yet He still reminded me that I ought to pray even harder now than I have ever done. Especially if I want to continue to remain victorious.

I am now looking more robust than ever, and it is indeed a sign that for the first time in all my years, I have finally allowed God to FULLY take control of everything that concerns me. Not trying to help him out in various departments. I never have to worry if and when it will happen, because I know that because God has already said it, and because He that said is trustworthy, I believe Him and that settles it.

The drought and the winter seasons are over. I feel refreshed already, for the rain that has started to pour has revived my soul for good.