Look at my Life

It was my choice to stay and wait for the Lord, not that I was simply left behind. It was my choice to stay and sit it through, not because you went ahead of me. It was my choice to understand my purpose, not to accompany you in yours. No, really it was my choice to see God through my own eyes, not to see Him through your idea of him. For indeed, I had a lesson to learn, there was no need getting the answers from your notes, after-all there is no guarantee that yours is the correct one.

I had to find out for myself.

If others were rejoicing and calling Him their Great provider (Jehovah Yireh – The LORD Who Sees/provides: (Genesis 22:14)), I needed to know what that meant to me. If others were to lift up their hands and praise Him as being their mighty warrior in battle (Elohim Tsebaoth – God of Hosts (Psa. 80:7); Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah – The Lord Mighty In Battle (Psa. 24:8)), I needed to know Him as one too in my life. If others were to testify of His faithfulness (El HaNe’eman, The Faithful God: (Deuteronomy 7:9)) in being steadfast and truthful (El Emet, The God Of Truth: (Psalm 31:6)), I too needed to know that He has shown the same to me. For through these times, I have known Him to be my light (Jehovah Ori, (Psa. 27:1) and my good shepherd (Jehovah Roi, (Psa. 23:1)). He who healed me from all of my troubles (Jehovah Rophe, (Exod.15:26)), and because He made me (Jehovah O’saynu, (Psalm 95:6)), it is His desire for me to live a Holy life (Jehovah M’kadesh – The LORD Who Makes Holy: (Ezekiel 37:28)). And because He sees me (El Rai, (Gen. 16:13)), He is always near (Jehovah Shammah, (Ezek. 48:35)), is always with me (Immanu El, (Isaiah 7:14)), and will continue to be my helper (Elohim Ozer Li, (Psa. 54:4)). And whenever I fall short of His glory, He is there to forgive me (El Selichot – God Of Forgiveness: (Nehemiah 9:17)), for He has shown Himself to be a merciful God to me (Elohe Chaseddi, The God of My Mercy (Psa. 59:10)).

And through it all, I know now what it means to have His peace upon my life (Jehovah Shalom – The LORD Of Peace: (Judges 6:24)). For He has revealed Himself as a banner over my life (Jehovah Nissi – The LORD My Banner: (Exodus 17:15)); as my Salvation (Elohim Yish, (Psalm 18:47, 25:5)), as my fortress and Strong tower, as my God who give me Strength (Elohim Mauzi, (Psalm 43:2)), and as my God of Justice (Elohim Mishpat, (Isaiah 30:18)). Who is like You O God. Has He not been from the Beginning (Elohay Kedem, (Deuteronomy 33:27)); Is He not the Great (El HaGadol – The Great God: (Deuteronomy 10:17) I AM (Yaweh ‘I AM WHO I AMExodus 3:14-15), a Holy God (Elohim Kedoshim, (Leviticus 19:2, Joshua 24:19)), Creator of the Heaven and Earth (Elah Sh’maya V’Arah – God of Heaven and Earth: (Ezra 5:11)), the God of Gods (Elohay Elohim, (Deuteronomy 10:17)), the Living God (Elohim Chaiyim, (Jeremiah 10:10)) and who is King Forever (El Olam – The God Of Eternity (Genesis 21:33)).

Is He not God from whom all knowledge is derived from (El De’ot – The God Of Knowledge: (1 Samuel 2:3)).

I don’t know about you, but as for me, He has been my God of righteousness (Elohe Tsadeki) (Psa. 4:1)), and for all He has done and been to me, He alone is Most worthy of my Praise (Elohim Tehilati, (Psalm 109:1)). So no need to mock me or laugh at me, no point poking fun at me during my examination period, for indeed there is a time and season for everything (Ecc. 3:11), and my time to shine has come. Are You still laughing? Well are you? 😉

Next time someone tries to laugh at you, tell them who your God is, and see if they will still laugh Hehehe..

4 thoughts on “Look at my Life

  1. The many names of God causes me to shiver…and to be filled with joy inside!!! (You know, that warm fuzzy feeling mixed with fear).

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