In Bed with the enemy

How can I forget that day! My heart aches, deeply, picking up every fragment and piece is too great a chore. I never believed this would ever happen. We are only human and thus easily fooled my brother tells me. You were my super hero, I bragged about the things I could do under your guide to whoever would ever listen. But you’ve taken that away from me. Your countless complaints, your countless moaning, your countless bickering, you’ve taken away the joy I felt just by being associated with you.

I’ve been on the road for some time now, wasted my money on things that moth can only get to, cried to my mother, how I built a case load of things and have no real bricks to show for my effort, yet you complained about the way I dressed, was it worth being called the best dresser of my time when you never took the time to find out who I was, why my hands hurt when I carry, why I no longer derive joy in building wardrobes, I guess you were never that into me, I was more of a statistics to you.

I’ve travelled long tiresome roads as I tried to make time to hang out with you; on the last journey on my way back it took me two days to get to my final destination, but you were too angry, too quick to see all that I had done wrong, too self righteous, I should have known, too angry to see how tired I was, I hadn’t slept in two days, but you were too much in a rush to break my will, to make me into the woman I was never born to be, to tell me the news I will never forget in a life time.

I hope you are happy now, I will never voice my opinion; I hope you are happy now that I feel trapped with someone I never truly knew. Even though your faults were ever so glaring, qualities I never desired in a friend, but I knew super heroes would always have a kryptonite, I guess I never believed yours would be me. That by me associating with you would bring about your destruction. I can not leave because mixing with you brought a tear to my Father’s eyes. And now… I don’t know how to leave, and I don’t want to stay. But you’re still self righteous to see what you did. What you have done to me, to us. You disgust me.

Devil, you sold my house whilst I slept, and when I had left to go to work, I came back stranded deserted all alone with nothing to call my own. I hate the fact that you did this to me. I hate the fact that I should have known sooner. I hate the fact that you hated me, but claimed it was love. I hate the fact that you’ve embarrassed me even when you were supposed to uphold me. I hate the fact that you’ve made me feel dirty and soiled. I hate the fact you’ve made me wish I should have stood on the side of my Father, instead of being pressured into yours. I hate the fact that you’ve made me disgusted when I see happy people because you led me to believe that sadness was the way. I hate the fact that whenever I see you, I see the ‘fool” I thought I knew, and believed in. How can it be? Every “blind folk” sings your praise because they think you are kind and good to all, except towards me. How could I’ve bee this blind. And for so long! This is still all a dream. Waking up, and finding that my things have been sent to my FATHER’S house. Finding that you have branded me a name, which causes me to hide myself from the public. I hope now that you have hurriedly thrown me out, you are happy now. Don’t forget what goes around comes around watch out that your actions towards me don’t heap destruction upon you. Be watchful that the hateful words you spoke concerning me and to me, don’t come back to hunt you.

I am undone…. Ermm, no I’m not.

Oh Happy Day, Oh HAPPY DAY!! Come to think of it, why did you send me packing? You saw me fraternizing with Christian folks huh? You finally realized that the lies were falling apart. You saw me inviting Jesus into my life asking Him to be My Lord and Saviour, so you decided to finish me.

Well, I’m sorry, the word of God say’s Greater is He that is me (1 John 4:4) and I’ve been created to be a light (Matthew 5:14-16), and I’m sure you know that light and darkness does not mix. Mmhmm. So you thought that your final deed will undo me. Ermm sorry to tell you, Jesus says I should take heart that He has overcome you (John 16:33), so you have wasted your time. Your attack merely pushed me across to the side of God. Oh and thanks for sending my luggage’s to my Father’s House. I guess when the Lord Jesus showed up demanding for me, you had to send me packing like the King of Egypt did to the Israelite (Exodus 12:31-33). Since you thought you were mighty and because in my ignorance I gave over myself to you, the Lord reminded you a few truths: (Isaiah 49:24-26 – “But thus says the LORD: “ Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, And the prey of the terrible be delivered; For I will contend with him who contends with you, And I will save your children””); and because of the finished work of Christ on the Cross, my contract with you has been nullified, so you JUST had to let me GO.

Thank you Blessed saviour, for showing up for me and giving me a Reason to live again. Thank you Lord Jesus for not leaving me at the mercy of that deceiver. I promise I’ve learnt my lesson. There is no more turning sideways for me. For I now know that there is no better way than under the Leadership of Jesus Christ.

Don’t learn lesson the hard way. I barely recovered from the clutches of that “fool” called the devil. But thank God for Jesus, for making everything New again in my life, and restoring all that was deceptively taken away from me.

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