Come Share this with me

You can never grow as a person or in your faith unless you have gone through a storm / storms and realize that it was through GOD’s grace and His mercy that He brought us through। And since nothing in our life just happens, and because God is the author of our life, He has already written every chapter concerning us from the beginning even to the very end. Therefore, since there is no love greater than the Love of GOD’s, let us never forget that our life can only grow better under His direction.

So how fortunate that He gave him this word today again reminding us of that fact “What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory” – Romans 9:23. That what you and I have gone through or may be going through was and is for a greater purpose. Because it is entirely up to God to do as He pleases with us – 15Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? – Matthew 20:1-16. And because of what He has shown us, we ought to rejoice that He has chosen “us” to be objects of His mercy.

What you are going through will not be easy and may never get easy, but it is worth the goal in front। And the Lord Jesus is saying to you too, think of what He had to go through, which we ought not to ever take lightly. That His was never easy, but see what it meant, paying the “total” cost of our entire sins (not just mine and yours, but the whole world, those alive today, unborn, and those that died before we were born). And if we say we Love Him, we need to take up our cross and follow Him, with all this in mind. For indeed every set back is worth the goal in front.

It has been a week of mighty revelations. I pray that the good Lord who has chosen us to be objects of His mercy will continue to crown us with His glorious riches, in Jesus Name. Amen

3 thoughts on “Come Share this with me

  1. At a certain point in our lives, each of us will realize that God is the ultimate craftsman, and that His purpose for us is better than our best imaginations. We will then understand that it’s His GRACE that will help us achieve this feat…

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