What Lies Underneath

It’s the first time this week the burrow seemed clear. A fine day I’m sure filled with so much possibilities, said Mr. Mouse, as he tried to take a peek out of his hole onto the distance. He needed no further convincing, and decided the time to step out and go yonder was now, and the day no longer to be wasted was today. As he struggled to walk on the snow covered undergrowth, deep inside the forest on a mountain peak, he couldn’t help but wonder if it may have been too soon to wonder out, for it had all of a sudden turned too cold, and his fur no longer as strong as it used to be against the wind. As he moved along, a van came alongside, swerving from one side of the path to the other albeit slowly in front of him. He observed, the two wheels on the left was completely eroded, and the two on the right had been replaced with the smaller emergency proxy – “I’m sure you’re only ever supposed to have one of these he thought”. The body covered in sooth, and out of the exhaust came black smoke. Immediately Mr. Mouse gave a hot chase, even he knew that he could outrun this van, for he thought to himself any moment now this van is heading for a disaster. As he came close to the driver’s side, he called out to the driver. The driver saw him acknowledged him, and made an attempt to stop the van. He had pressed on his breaks, which was unresponsive, but technically wasn’t needed; and he watched it roll to halt. They exchanged greeting, after which Mr. Mouse went on to ask him – “are you aware that your van is in a really bad way”? The driver replied, “I didn’t think it was that obvious”. Mr. Mouse continued, “I can be of help”.

The driver moved with the concern of Mr. Mouse, decided to oblige him. He set down his cargo, and they both started to work on the van. As they took the body parts off, they found that the base that should have acted as a shield had eroded away, and the main wafer type content insulator had been half eaten. “No, this will not do” exclaimed Mr. Mouse, “this will not do at all”.

The driver suggested an alternative, but it just was not enough. No no, Mr. Mouse insisted, it must be new. No, no, it must be clean. “I know a place” said Mr. Mouse. You need a complete rectangular base that is made of steel with winged edges – this will prevent any thing from penetrating in. I know too where to get four brand new wheels and a warm spring where we can get fresh water to wash out the dirt from the van including the cargo. This way whatever is left of the soft wafer part of the van could be protected from any further damage”. The driver excited at this followed Mr. Mouse and did as he suggested. His cargo washed of its dirt, was returned to him of greater worth than when he started; for it had become so clean and sparkled so.


We awaken in the morning wearied and burdened so, but thinks as long as we stay away from people and hide our emotions, no one needs to know what is going on underneath. We think that because it is hidden deep within, it won’t affect the exterior part of us. *erm* wrong!! If everything is not ok, then it really isn’t ok and it’s time for us to find out how we can improve our lives.

We need to first admit to ourselves that we are broken. The outer appearance of the van was in a bad way, because the base had rotted with the worries of life and penetrated the heart. And we know the heart is vital for the maintance of the body. For many of us, our heart is almost on its last lap, and at any moment about to go belly up. But that’s because our shield that should be acting as our protection is not as strong as it should be. We have not bothered to build on it, and to make sure that nothing comes any where near it. And for those of us who have not tried Jesus, I beseech you to try HIM, and see if He is not more than able to shield you in times of trouble. There used to be a time when I battled with my emotion as I saw myself unworthy and therefore not fit to be forgiven or to be called His child. But instead of remaining in my sorry state, I kept being reminded that He has forgiven me all of my sins, and I have been immersed and washed in His blood. I believe that in itself is more than enough when life’s burden or worries tries to bring us to the point when it seems all hope is gone.

We have to be prepared to be open to take suggestions. The driver would have thought, *erm* what does this horrible looking stench living, not fit to be spoken to Mouse have to tell me, and would have missed an opportunity that would have brought a much needed change in his life. The bible tells us that it is a wicked man who puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways (Prov. 21:29). If in need and help is offered accept it. It also says in Prov. 20:18; 24:6 (Make plans by seeking advice…. for victory many advisers). Isaiah 9:6; Prov. 12:16; 9:9; 1:8listen to good advice.

I also find talking about the things that are eaten away in my heart brings me a much needed relief. So again we need to find a spirit filled person to encourage us along our life’s journey. Especially one who is accustomed to your way. For example, I have two prayer partners, my mum and my girl friend. Both of which are spirit filled and always ready with the word from the bible to encourage me. I also have my pastors and network of Christian friends who I know are on their knees day and night praying on my behalf. If you don’t have one or have yet to find one, I am more than happy to be of help. But know this that the Lord God Loves you and whatever you are going through is not just for you alone, but to be an encouragement to the people He is sending you to.

Be prepared to cast your load upon the waters. Like me for example when I want something so badly you’ll know cause am all up in your face and everything, and I find that when I try to force it to be mine, *erm* it just breaks apart. So I’ve learnt to just let it go and let God. If this thing is meant for me, it will come back to me better than I started out with. It’s like saying Lord I want YOU to give me this, not me forcing it to be mine. Like the denim jeans example, if you force yourself into it, it will rip to bits, but when you finally fit into it, you’ll won’t know how it all happened (I am speaking from experience, I fit into them all now 🙂).

So don’t suffer in silence, and you are not an island. Wherever you hide yourself God is more than able to find you and send help to you. He loves you too too much, this time is only the refinery stage, and you’ll see the end result sooner than you think. You are just Fabulous.

Dedicated to U

Did you ever think you would ever get this “blessed”? It’s been a long road to get to this point. During the journey, there was never a time I really believed I would see this day. I had all but given up, because even the light at the end of the tunnel, appeared too many a times as a mirage. And for so long, I had all but decided to walk in the darkness and forget that a day like this will ever come to pass. Then one day, just one day a change came. My change came. Our change came. Just like it did in the time of Joseph, how a prisoner, a foreigner, went from the prison gates to become ruler in the nation of Egypt, a country not his own; all in a space of day (Genesis 41:1-57). Such miracles still happen even now, and it did happen to us.

Today I watched my baby brother graduate from the School of Medicine. Today, I watched him sigh a sigh of relief. It finally happened didn’t it? Oh Yes it did. Today I continue to be amazed, and continue to be reminded that the difficult roads will not always remain the same. Because all it takes is one day. Just one day. Your change will come. My change will come. And I will continue to wait until my change comes.

Wonderful is your Name!!

All of my Life, I have never Known God to fail. That is indeed a FACT and the TRUTH. From the time I was very young and up until now, I have never known God to fail. I am here, alive, healthy and well aren’t I? The Joy of the Lord that supersedes all things is with me. And my cup continues to run over. He is faithful and more than anything His love is so unconditional. Wow, this awesome God how else can I describe you but to say How wonderful is your Name!!

Sometimes it is good to just praise and glorify Him irrespective of what He has done or not yet done for you. Because the knowledge that He is, is enough to deserve all our praise and thanksgiving. Sometimes it is good to tell God, how magnificent and good He is. His ability to be magnificent is not dependent on the number of prayers He has answered, but simply because He is.

I am in the office and just feel like breaking out into a dance. DEAR GOD!! You are indeed the Living God. How excellent is Your Name. DEAR God!! You are JUST too much. Words leave me but I have to tell you this Lord. I really enjoy just being with you and just writing Love letters to you. Because truly Lord I love you (please try and forget those times I shout at you lol – I don’t mean it sometimes, just that.. well Lord You understand lol). I have fallen short of my walk, and messed up Lord on countless times, yet Lord You have continued to be so wonderfully faithful to me.

Thank you Lord for ALL you’ve done for me… You are indeed the Lover of my soul. You are indeed beautiful beyond descriptions; you are the only one I adore. The world will disappoint me, But You God, You are closer than a brother. You dig and stay put. God You just don’t joke with me… wow Lord, who am I that You love me like “shegge”!! What shall I ever render unto You my wonderful Lord? You own the whole world, including all the cattle on a thousand Hills. But Lord since you Love Obedience over sacrifice, I choose to declare to the whole world today, that I choose to obey the word of the Lord in all facets of my life.

Dearest Lord, always nudge me when I go astray so that I don’t wonder too far away from Your wonderful embrace. Your Grace is more than enough for me. Thank you Lord for being all that to me.

None of these things MOVED me!!

NOTHING in life is that important to miss HEAVEN. And No one is that important to cause you to miss heaven, not even your friends – But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God– Acts 20:24.

Our natural eyes may remind us of the situation/s surrounding our life, that nothing is ever going to work out, or that it is as bad as it gets. But you need to get to a point in your life to say the words “and so, what difference does it really make”. Because any form of disappointment in your life cannot last for that long, because as long as the Lord lives your Joy will come, that is for certain (Psalm 30:5b). And no matter what, ALL things work together for your good to them (us) who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). I am not saying that the disappointments are from God, no, I am saying the disappointments helps you realise what you are made of. If you are made of strong metal, the storm cannot break you. Instead it makes you stronger. And if you are made of straw.. well lets pray that none of us is made of straw.

And the Lord honours His words more than His name. Remind Him of His words, because He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). Do not forget His words. Regardless of what you are facing He says, His presence is with you and He will give you rest (Exodus 33:13-14). Your light will break forth like a dawn, wow I am so excited [have you noticed the way the dawn breaks? Think about it, then you JThen your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard – Isaiah 58:8]

I don’t know about you, but I for one I have been redeemed by the Lord and the shout of Kings is with me (Psalm 107:2). Remember the eye of the Lord is upon they that fear Him (Psalm 33:18), and He will visit you, and when He comes He will make His goodness pass in front of you to see (Exodus 33:19 – Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion”). None of these things moved me. Disappointments will not move me. We refuse to bow and let life’s problems derail us. Our look of helplessness will no longer betray our worth, because we know who we are. And because we bear the mark of the Lord, we will not be moved.

Our spiritual eyes has to look through the lens of faith and continue to remind our hearts that no matter how bad it seems, God is still able to do abundantly more than we can ever ask. However, our journey, on the road to heaven requires a great deal of cooperation from us. And only those who have made up their mind to follow Jesus regardless will make it to the finishing line. It is not going to be easy but believe me it is going to be worth it.

Dear Lord If I have found favour in your sight, go with me, forgive me my sins and take me as an inheritance. For I am even more resolved to follow His lead. Yes Dear Lord, lead the way, and I will follow.