Dedicated to U

Did you ever think you would ever get this “blessed”? It’s been a long road to get to this point. During the journey, there was never a time I really believed I would see this day. I had all but given up, because even the light at the end of the tunnel, appeared too many a times as a mirage. And for so long, I had all but decided to walk in the darkness and forget that a day like this will ever come to pass. Then one day, just one day a change came. My change came. Our change came. Just like it did in the time of Joseph, how a prisoner, a foreigner, went from the prison gates to become ruler in the nation of Egypt, a country not his own; all in a space of day (Genesis 41:1-57). Such miracles still happen even now, and it did happen to us.

Today I watched my baby brother graduate from the School of Medicine. Today, I watched him sigh a sigh of relief. It finally happened didn’t it? Oh Yes it did. Today I continue to be amazed, and continue to be reminded that the difficult roads will not always remain the same. Because all it takes is one day. Just one day. Your change will come. My change will come. And I will continue to wait until my change comes.

One thought on “Dedicated to U

  1. Congratulations to your brother. I am so happy for him, e no easy to be a doctor oh.Thanks so much for inspiring me again today my lovely. I will wait till that thing happens!

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