I see it all from a Great Height!!

I came off a swing, an object that rocks you from one place to another neither taking you anywhere but gave you something to do. Something to occupy your mind, your focus, your purpose, but lacking any form of progress. And there I was, invited to take that bold step. Reluctantly as I did getting off the swing, I was invited on a small journey, a journey that was to be “this life of mine”.

I was told to look down, and there it was; in a distance the entire oceans of the world with its demarcations that showed that even the world’s oceans can be seen in its entirety. And almost immediately, I was asked what it was I see before me. A little confused, perplexed, I have always known this image was impossible to see unless I was a Hubble telescope, and even then, to see it, I would first of all see the round shape of the world, and thus I remained silent.

I was asked again to look up, but how could it be? I see the sky, yet so far into the distance, as if I were looking from the ground, the sky all lit up as it would during the night, with all its twinkling stars. How I marveled at such a sight. Incredible as it was, unbelievable as I thought. Still more confused, I continued in my silent manner.

I was told to look at where I was standing, and as I looked at my feet, I could see a pebble, grayish in colour and oval in shape. And as I stooped low to pick it up, I realized I was standing on a gauze, a metal wire mesh of some sort with openings, from which I could see what was below me. In the deep was the world in its entirety, but not round. I became immediately afraid, hoping not to step too hard so the metal gauze does not give way.

Then I was shown a higher ground that still needed to be explored. I have already been elevated, but there were still mountains still to be explored. And I wondered surely I’ve done enough.

For some of us, where we are today have been made up of bold little steps, which has added up to this huge height. But how we got there, has always remained alien to us. For many of us, we have attained such heights so early in life, and the struggles to get there have all been forgotten. Still, for some of us where we are, is still of little significance to us, because we see the journey before us, and have all but forgotten how far it took us to get to where we are today.

But if only we can first look at how far we have journeyed, it would be of little value, the distance yet to be covered, or perhaps the mountains yet to be conquered. And regardless of where we are, the heights we have attained, until that final call, there still remains other mountains yet to overcome.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you- (Psalm 32:8). Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know – (Jeremiah 33:3)

Naturally, a misunderstanding on how to charter your path will only lead to a longer and more painful route. But a clearer vision will make the journey worth the time.

Thank you Lord for Your guidance, and Your word, for indeed they are a lamp to my feet. Has it all been a waste of time? A resounding No!! I may have missed the turning at many cross roads, but I still have much more to cover. And for the first time in a long time, seeing how far I have come, I am more than convinced I will make it all the way.

5 thoughts on “I see it all from a Great Height!!

  1. But if only we can first look at how far we have journeyed, it would be of little value, the distance yet to be covered, or perhaps the mountains yet to be conquered. thank you have a blessed weekthese words ring true for mii today especially in this season of waiting and wonderingJer 33:3 is going on my steering wheel tomorrow ASAP

  2. very Lovely post—i love it!There really os something about looking how far u have cme.Days I think of where i was and i see where I am now–all i can say is thank u lord for the gift of salvation–and continue to guide me that i may not miss heaven.lovely!

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