He was my friend!

Impulse or whatever you may call it, today I telephoned Nnamdi. He was a childhood friend but we were not that close. He was a boy and I was a girl, but I remembered him nonetheless. He went home in ambulances, not the normal ones but the ones used in funeral processions.

I remember him, because my dad often spoke quite fondly of his dad. I think they may have been friends. Maybe very good friends, that I didn’t know.

I once spoke to his mum about attending Cardiff to study a particular course and wanted to know what life in Cardiff was like. I think some years back, moma told me that she had passed away. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Today I decided to find out what happened to the boy who went home in ambulances. I FB searched him and found him. There was also a contact number which I immediately called. He was pleasantly surprised to hear from me after 22years had passed. I wanted to know what he’d been upto all these years, and if he’d followed “the” family tradition of medicine. I also wanted to ask how his dad was. Following the many new revelations he also told me his dad had just recently passed away a few weeks back. I am yet again so sorry for your loss.

After our conversation I immediately sent a text to my dad to tell him a man named Dr. E had passed away, maybe he may still remember him. My dad disillusioned and shattered by the news called back exclaiming he was my friend. Dr. E was my very good friend!!

Until then I hadn’t realised they had grown up together and were contemporaries. Friends and advisers. Motivators and encouragers. I had no idea the bonds that tied their friendship. How can a young man of 67years pass away without as much as a goodbye?

I’m so sorry dad; I didn’t know he was you friend.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jehovah, for the life of my precious dad. Whom through the years He has kept alive for me. Thank you Blessed saviour for allowing my dad to still be around, and I know that it is not becasue of who or what I am, but because of your mercy and grace that my dad is still here and strong. I love you dad.

6 thoughts on “He was my friend!

  1. I'm terribly sorry for Nnamdi's loss. I always wish I had a chance to say goodbye to my favorite uncle, but I know there's no way I would have said bye to him. Even if I was given the chance to, how and why would I have said goodbye?May Nnamdi's dad's soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

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