The Mathematical CODE to Life!!

What truly amazes me is when you ask the Lord for something and it happens. As in just like that. I know after everything He’s done for me and continues to do for me, He still surprises me even with the little things. Today is no different than the others, and I woke up feeling like.. Wow.. God You truly rock you know!!

OK :), back to today’s post.. Yes where was I? My last post was indeed very close to my heart, championing God’s biggest cause, which is His love for you, but today’s is a little different from the last. You see I was reading the book of Acts where in Acts 13:48 it says – “When the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and honored the word of the Lord; and all who were appointed for eternal life believed

It got me thinking, as in really thinking, you mean there is mathematical formula for eternal life, which can be summarised as follows: if and only if you hear and honour God then you become appointed for eternal life (this is the code for the equation). This Code is so simple, not as complex as what you may be led to believe.

But you may ask what was it that they heard? It was the message of Jesus Christ, the LIVING WORD of God – who in the beginning was the WORD, and was with God, and was God. He was with God in the beginning John 1:1-2 – the WORD who in the beginning was God, had been spoken in their midst. They heard the “WORD” and honoured it by accepting it. Now the people in Acts 13:46 had judged themselves unworthy of eternal life by rejecting the “WORD” and dishonouring it; but the Gentile people of Acts 13:48 who had accepted the “WORD” after hearing it understood what this meant, an appointment with eternal life.

But you may ask, does that mean that there may have been some of the Gentiles present that where not appointed? You see because they heard the Word and honoured it by accepting it; they automatically became appointed for eternal life because they believed the “WORD”. Now going by this, it means therefore that those who are not appointed are people who do not hear the Word (either by rejection (Acts 13:46), or malicious accusations).

But you may say, being appointed, and actually entering it are two different things; for indeed many start well but don’t actually carry on in the Faith. That is true, that is why it is very important for us to continually hear the word and continually honour it. And the only way we can continually hear the word is by meditating on the WORD day and night and not letting it depart from us (Psalm 1:1-3; Hebrews 4:2; Psalm 119:97-98; Joshua 1:8; Colossians 3:16).

I truly understand that it may be difficult to hear and honour the “WORD” of God by believing because of our intellectual culture and all the scholarly books written on why we ought not to hear the “WORD”. But the fact that there has been over the centuries countless documentation on the existence of the WORD or its supposed lack of isn’t that enough for the intellectual among us to sit down and truly ponder. After all, if we can all attend conferences to meet like minded people to spruce up ones intellect, don’t you think pondering upon the LIVING WORD something worth thinking about?

I pray that this sentence does not describe you “Notwithstanding their intellectual culture were ignorant of the true God”. Being an intellectual is not enough of a reason to be ignorant of the true God. I lifeofastranger will not be deceived by what I see at the centre of learning.

9 thoughts on “The Mathematical CODE to Life!!

  1. You mathematician of a woman, lol. Just like that other scripture says, "Faith comes by hearing…and hearing by the word of God," the knowledge we need to progress in life comes from hearing. So does an appointment to eternal life. I agree that being too intellectual can become a barrier too.

  2. Thanks JayJay.. So so true about the intellectual .. it's asif the more you know the more you become ignorant of the true God. And that should never be the case.And it is so important for us to keep Hearing the Word of God, how else can Faith rise in us to become overcomers?

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