Re-Inspire Me

Dear lifeofastranger it’s been a little over ten weeks since your post on the fight of faith. From what I recall, it was filled with words of proclamation, and things you were not just hoping but was speaking will happen in your life this 2010, and in mine if I believed. I was hoping to find out how far along the list you’ve seen, and if indeed, it has come to pass.

Wow!! Has it been ten weeks already since my first post of 2010, and twelve weeks since the beginning of the year? Dearest reader, I am so pleased to hear from you, and even more so now. You see, as I wrote then, and still writing, this 2010 has and will not just be an ordinary sort of year for me. So much has happened in these past ten weeks, and I’m not quite sure where to start from. You see it all started like this:

I had heard that there was a sound of heavy rain (1 Kings 18:41), and so I went about preparing myself in readiness for the rain (just like Jotham did in 2 Chronicles 27:6) by believing. I was told to write down what was coming as a result of this heavy down pourHIS promises of restoration (Joel 2:23-27), increase and promotion (Isaiah 60:1-3), open doorsand hidden treasures (Isaiah 45:1b-3), undeniable, unstoppable, unfathomable miracles, a time of rejoicing, a time of unending testimony, a time of uncommon breakthroughs PLAINLY for all to see, and to run with it, because the appointed time to favour me ( that is you and I) was now (Psalm 102:13). And so I ran as fast as I could only stopping to tell those I found on my way who wondered if I had gone quite raving bonkers, what the Lord said He was about to do in our lives. I believed His word, and so I spoke IT.

Has it all happened as He said it would happen? Am I still ringing forth with a dance? CERTAINLY!! I am still jubilating, and learning all the necessary break-dancing skills. I am still declaring that God is a GOOD God, for if you knew how far He has brought me, and where He is taking me to, you too will praise God on my behalf. For it has all been like a dream, and He has filled my mouth with laughter, and my tongue with songs of Joy. And everyone who sees me can’t seem to stop speaking of the Great things God has done for me. King of Glory, Lord of lords, has indeed exceeded my expectations and has brought to pass His words concerning me. Words spoken in the secret, plans He had forged without my knowledge, revelations which He had given me a glimpse of before hand – He continues to remain faithful, and TRUE.

Am I experiencing the reality of life? A resounding YES! It’s all real, no more religiosity of life; or how else will one see the difference that God has made in my life. For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power 1 Corinthians 4:20.

Don’t give up just yet. KEEP RUNNING with the VISION. I heard and therefore have I believed. I believed and therefore have I spoken it. SURELY YOU and I have a delightful inheritance (Psalm 16:6). He who never slumbers nor sleeps is more than ABLE to bring His words to pass in your life. I am a living testimony of that FACT and TRUTH. You will yet see with your very own eyes what the Lord, CREATOR of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will do in your life this 2010. And He does not show favouritism(Acts 10:34).

We are still marching forward! We are still on course. We will not be unnerved because of the promised down pour we have yet to see. We have heard the sound of heavy rain, and we know without a shadow of a doubt that the clouds are definitely rising on our behalf.

6 thoughts on “Re-Inspire Me

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  2. The Alpha & Omega, the One that knows our beginning to our end and all that will transpire in between…isn't God grand?!:)I rejoice with you, may your laughter never diminish.

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