You weren’t there!

I watched her as she walked in. Dressed in her very best, wearing a pair of Max Mara heels and a large bag to boot. She had on a shift dress, elegantly made from burnt orange dupioni silk with Swarovski crystals embellishment. It fitted her so well, as if it had been hand crafted and made by her very own personal fashion designer. She wasn’t wearing too much jewelry, but I could notice that she wore a Tiffany signature diamond gold necklace and a matching set of earrings. You could tell she must have visited a salon the day before, because her hair was so wonderfully made, and immediately I made a note to self, to ask her where she got her hair made. I couldn’t help but ogle her, she really knew how to carry herself, and all I could think of was MasterCARD. She sat down next to Didi and waited for the service to start. She participated well during the bible study group, and when it was time for the main service to start, as the choir stood to go on stage, I watched her take her heels off, and re-position herself in the center of the aisle, as if she was getting ready for a race or a dance off. I wasn’t quite sure what she was about to do, but I watched her nonetheless. Then the praise and worship session started, and she began to dance. She danced, and danced and danced and danced and danced and danced to the point that I got tired just watching her. Many a times I watched her jump, move her head so profusely that her nicely styled segmented hair came apart. But it didn’t stop there. I watched her as she waved her hands in the air, and was moving around as if she was in a rock concert, and I couldn’t help but say to myself, “ I wonder what could have ever caused her to make such a public show of herself, especially since you know, she was so nicely put together”.

You weren’t there the night He found me. How He picked me up, dusted me up, and put the pieces of my broken life together. How He washed me clean and put on new garments of praise on me. How He stilled the storms raging in my life, and smiled on me. No you weren’t there when he covered me with His glory. O how can you ever imagine the depths from which He rescued me from? For all this Lord I will bless YOUR name forever.

You don’t know the kind of joy that He brought into my life. How He became my joy giver in the midst of my sorrow. How He delivered me from all of my troubles. You don’t know the unimaginable peace He gave me. You don’t know the countless breakthroughs and victories that he gave me. You don’t know where He has brought me from, or where He is taking me to. No! You don’t know why I have to give Him my very best, because even that is not even good enough. You can never fathom the price that He paid to set me free. You don’t fully realize that I have nothing worthy enough to render unto Him, and even if I were to dance from now to eternity, praise Him from now to eternity, worship Him from now to eternity; it still will not even cover “1/thirillionth” of what He did for me. I will forever be indebted to Him. I will forever owe Him my life. For all this Lord I will bless Your Holy Name forever.

So please don’t you dare judge me. Don’t judge me when I go overly crazy over Him. When I act like a stalker where He is concerned. Don’t ask me why I scream and shout whenever I think of Him. Why I get so excited doing the things that pertains to Him. Why I am constantly filled with His thoughts. You see He is my super star, my pin up image, the Lover of my soul, the one I dream about. Don’t you dare judge me when I go berserk over Him, because you just don’t know! You just will never know. You will never be able to comprehend what He did for me. His place in my life can never be taken. And as long as I can walk, as long as I can talk, I will continue to bless His Holy name and shock out to Him. There is no situation the Lover of my soul has not delivered me from. He has been my anchor all these years, and my way maker. My mighty warrior in battle, the commander and chief of my armed forces. He alone is God all by Himself. He truly is awesome. He truly is Great. He truly is beyond comprehension. He truly is excellent. He truly is magnificent. He truly leaves me speechless and breathless when I remember all that he has done for me. My Lord and my God, what can I ever render unto you for all your wonderful benefits? All I can say Lord is thank YOU; Thank YOU, THANK YOU, for all that You’ve done for me. Lover of my soul, Thank You for choosing to lavish your Love on me.