Farewell Trento, Farewell Italy!!

My life surely cannot get any better than it is right now. I see myself, the way He sees me, and just the way I have always wanted my life to be. I am finally where I want to be. Everyone seems to concur. All I keep hearing from them is wow LifeofaStranger; you are finally where you’ve always wanted to be. There is this smile that creeps up on my face. Maybe it’s a relief of some sort, maybe even a sigh of satisfaction. A giggly feeling; am I dreaming or awake? For sure I am awake, or how else am I able to hear these people stop to greet me at the door ways, on the corridor, on the stair ways, even in the conference room. Wow LifeofaStranger, you are finally where you said you will be. You are where you have always wanted to be. A surprise I’m sure on their end, since it involved me always saying things like: the God that I serve is taking me places. That my God is a Real God. That my God is the Real Deal. Another smile, maybe a cheesy grin, I don’t know what it is, a sigh of satisfaction, and a reply from me, yes I am indeed where I’ve always wanted to be.

Then she walks into my office, wow LifeofaStranger, you are finally where you’ve always proclaimed you will be. Sorry come again, I responded. You know what I’m talking about. Another quiet smile from me, yes, you know I am after all the prestigious daughter of the Most High God. She smiled back and replied, yes you have always said that, and that in Your Father’s house there are so many rooms. This is why since you walked into this place close to three years ago; we have called you a princess because you acted like one. Another smile on my face (maybe a smirk). An apology from me, I hadn’t realized that my position in my Father’s house had given me an air of arrogance. Well it made us sit up, and treat you as if you were a foreign princess [sigh]. I cannot begin to imagine how I’ve pranced around the corridors of this place as if my Father owned the institute. I am truly sorry, I responded. I honestly didn’t realize it. I know you all call me a princess, I just figured it was because I was one.. I smiled, she smiled, we both smiled.. I apologised again citing my behaviour was all attributed to the innate drama queen in me… we both smiled again. .

How well am I doing?

Don’t forget to say a prayer for me. For us, and for all of us, she responded. I know God always answers your prayers she said. Look at you. The spoken, has happened to you. Even we all here know of that much. Your God has been so good to you. Indeed He truly has. Indeed He truly has been. Indeed He most definitely has been too wonderful to me.

How well am I doing?

The count down has ended just as it had barely started, my journey is done. My long walk through that desert is over. I have had to stop too many times at designated refresher points, never knowing how long it will last. But now, after all these years, the final leg of the journey – Italy – has come to an end. My ship is set to sail to its final docking station, and indeed how magnificent it will be. The Long turbulent journey is over. I was almost marooned, left for dead, heart broken, distressed, almost destroyed, but thank God for God, for indeed there was nothing in this life and in this world that could have ever separated me from the Love of God. Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? … Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? … “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us – Romans 8:35 – 37.

I have learnt never to shut God out. He has always been everything I needed and even more; He has been my anchor through this turbulent journey. Many a long times when the day refused to break. It was as if the sun didn’t want to shine any more where I was concerned. But who would have thought? Who would have believed? Surely not you! Surely not I! Surely not them!

The sun is out, the wind is perfect and I am set to sail to my final station. My final docking station, the beginning of another GREAT journey, the journey I was born to live. I am going home. I am going home the same way Jacob did. More than He was when he left. With a renewed confidence that He truly is not just a faithful God and Father, but through all this He has been my protector and My warrior, the General of my armed forces. Forever ready to defend me. Always there to catch me when I fall, and to wipe away all of my tears. My peace in the midst of the confusion, my way maker when I did not know which way to turn. My consolation, my very great reward. My elevator, He that can only promote has indeed promoted me beyond my wildest comprehension. Who has given me beauty for all my ashes! Who has given me glory which is visible for all to see. O How can it be Lord, that You are so mindful of me? That You think so much of unworthy me! God YOU ARE TOO MUCH!! YOU ARE GOD ALONE.

I will miss the high places and the mountains. I will miss the lakes and the trees. I will miss the fountains and the buildings. But most of I will miss the people who have made this journey an unforgettable one.

I know I am destined for greatness. We are destined for greatness. Lets now all go become it.

Today is my LAST DAY in the office. So until Next month, see you in England. And Happy Friday Everyone!!