Happy Friday Everyone

Hello friends, good friends, great friends and best friends for ever, we’ll that what ya’ll are to me. I have to first of all apologise for my “incommunicardo” throughout the month of November and December especially when I was starting to get back to the swing of things. I had way too many trips that kept me away, which kinda messed up my routine. But I am back (you’re probably saying: wasn’t that what she said the last time *rolling my eyes and looking the other way* now :)). I have really missed you all.

I was thinking of putting up a post on the “journey to the top”, but maybe that will wait for next week :), yep you heard me right, I have to make up for lost time :).

Mehn 2010 was indeed that year that all on my wish list came to pass. God truly has been so wonderfully great and so wonderful to me that I just don’t know where to begin. As in REALLY! Even during my faithless times, God still remained faithful. Gosh, where would I begin? I already know that some of you don’t’ like really long stories, but if I were to start to write them all one by one, I think we might be here all day and all night J. I remembered in the month of December 2010, the Lord reminded me why I need to take out some time and just tell him how much I love Him; for ALL THAT HE HAS DONE FOR ME. Gosh, what manner of praise or worship can I ever be able to render unto Him for all of His wondrous acts. Every one of them has been so great that I need to have a Thanksgiving Day every day for at least TEN years for just one of them. And if I were to start thanking Him from now, it would last till eternity and it still will not be enough. For indeed it is so true: When the LORD restored the fortunes of lifeofastranger, she was like those who dreamed. My mouth was filled with laughter, and my tongue with songs of joy. Even those around me kept saying “The LORD has done great things for her.” Indeed the LORD has done great things for me, and I am filled with joy (Psalm 126:1-3). I am still in shock :).

So as I entered this 2011, I scrapped off my wish list and instead decided that this 2011 is all about what I can do for Him. This year is not about “Baba God do this for me”, 2011 for me is about “Baba God let me do this for YOU”. This 2011 I am resolute to make God Happy. God must be happy with me this year. This 2011 I have made up my mind to show Him that I am not an ingrate but indeed a grateful child who is overwhelmed with all of His mercies towards me, of which none of them I deserved.

This 2011, I have made up my mind that it is that year that I will arise, and take my place among those completely sold out for God (not like the previous ones of yesteryears). This year, God I am ready and willing. I have written my list, crossed my t’s and dotted my I’s, and my plan is in place. I am ready now to get to it.

I have my mind made up, and I won’t turn back. What about you? What do you plan to do for God this year?

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