What will you do?

Today is going to be a very short post 🙂 . Just questions, maybe two, maybe even three, but a question no less. I wondered, when you have waited on the Lord for a while for something, and it appears that He is slow in answering. And for this reason, you then decide to take matters into your own hands. Let’s say for example that your next plan of action is to give up on Him. You stop reading your bible. You stop praying. You stop playing an active role in your church, even better you stop going to church. Worse still you have reconnected with your old friends and gone back to the way it used to be; after all you say to yourself, He does not hear me. Hmm.

Let me pose another. What will you do, if all this while, what you had asked of the Lord, the Lord felt was too small for you, and was preparing something considerably even bigger than you could ever imagine. What will you do when the time comes when He has perfected that gift and decided it was time to deliver it to your address. What will you do when it finally arrives?

I’ll tell you what you’ll do; you will be shocked and dazed for weeks. Speechless, not sure what to do next and maybe in the end feel like a fool. But I’ll tell you what you should do, NEVER forget that God is able to do exceeding more than you can ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20), and He is more than enough to give you the desires of your heart. So when you feel like giving up, remember that.

I have learnt the hard way, that regardless of how long it takes, God still honours His words (Psalm 138:2b), and STILL answers prayers. I may not have stopped going to church, or re-acquainted myself with my old ways, but in my little way I once did doubt His ability to hear me and answer all my petitions. And now that He has, I wondered why it was so difficult for me to believe that He could!

Dear Lord Jesus, I ask that in all of my ways in which I have acted in disobedience and doubted your ability to answer my prayers, Lord forgive me, and have mercy on me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Now friends, don’t do like I once did. A day is surely coming when your story will change, the question is, would you be faithful till then?

6 thoughts on “What will you do?

  1. It's just wise for us to wait on God. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and His plans are greater than we can ever imagine. Beautiful post, dear.

  2. Loved this post. When the shoe is on the other foot, when it's not us waiting but God waiting for us to get it, to trust His plans for us.It's amazing the feeling when He comes through for us…we would be like them that dream dreams.

  3. @Myne – Happy New year to you too. I trust this year has already started fabulously for you too.@Jayjay: I am off to check 'me' out on your blog. Tagging,, ooh am excited. Trust me, God keeps blowing my mind. He's just 'threemuch'.@Maid of Heart: Thanks for visiting girly. I tell you, I am still in a state of shock. I STILL can't quite believe it. God totally rocks my world.@A-9ja-Great: Thank you. God bless you too, and all the work of your hands in Jesus name. Amen (Deut. 2:7).

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