You are the air I breathe!

Dear Lord, today the day I never would have believed even in my wildest imagination would come to pass, today Lord you have shown to me yet again, that You are my God and my all. That nothing is Too Impossible for You to handle and deal with. And that none of the words that You have spoken, that You are still speaking, and about to speak, ever returns to You void, invalid and cancelled.

My God, You are the very reason I am alive today, the wherewithal of my very existence, without whom I would have crumbled, deteriorated and fallen apart a long time ago. Many were the times when my legs were life less, my arms hanged limp, my head too heavy for my wearied shoulders to carry, and the strength within completely sapped out. Yet Lord You remained that backbone, which kept me standing, and standing firmly, refusing to let me be put to shame. It was You Lord that kept me standing throughout the storm, making sure the troubles that raged all around me didn’t knock me off balance and deposit me into the very ocean of it all. It was You Lord that kept me standing throughout the wind of discontent, making sure I didn’t get carried away with the gust of doubts and uncertainties that came at a speed second to none. It was always You Lord, ONLY YOU Lord that kept me standing throughout the quake, to make ardent sure that the visible cracks that had appeared all around me didn’t take the ground underneath me to bury me, never to be heard from again in the land of the living. Oh Yes, Lord, It was always YOU!

Mighty deliverer, only YOU are beautiful beyond descriptions. Only You are way too wonderful for Words. Only You are God, and God all by Yourself. I have never known You to be a promise breaker, a taker backer of Your words, and a disappointment. Oh No Lord, You have always remained Truthful, You are Faithful, You are Kind, You are way too generous, You are too much for Words, and I just want to take the time out, today, this afternoon, this very second, this very moment to tell You, that You are indeed the very air that I breathe, and all that I am belongs to You. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for taking the time to bless me and make me a blessing in the Land of the Living. It is true, and I have tasted and I have found indeed LORD, that there is No god Like You GOD!

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