Truly indeed the word of the Lord is true. Many are not enjoying the benefits of their newly found liberation / entitlement due to ignorance. Why do you say? I am about to share a little story with you.

My dear dear friends were finally getting married in Spain after three years of engagement. The cathedral they wanted was fully booked in 2008, and the only available slots were after August 2011, and thus we waited. They decided to splash out a bit on their guests by putting us up in a full star hotel, with all the trimmings that came along and we lacked nothing. Except that I didn’t know that. All I knew was I had found myself in a very expensive hotel. I remember collecting the keys to my room, and was shocked when I approached the room they had reserved for me. I did remember I didn’t sleep well through the night, because I was so hot. I remember waking up to noises which appeared to be made by kids having a good time, but I thought nothing of it.

It was an evening affair, and so I had the whole day to wander about. After strolling in the sun, and the intense humidity, I was feeling a little bit exasperated and desperately wanted a really cool condition. And even though my room was rather nice, all I could think of was home. And so I waited! Finally the hour came. I was reunited with friends and was in the company of great companions, and so the topic of the exquisite hotel came into the conversation! And there it happened. I was informed of all the benefits that came with the key, and that my lovely room had air condition ;), swimming pool, spa, and much more! Unlimited internet, dare I go on! And immediately I became disappointed.

Now, because it was an evening affair, when we returned back to the hotel the next morning at 3.30am (Did I mention it was an evening affair and the church service started at 8pm). Yes where was I? these friends of mine actually came along with me to show me where exactly they all were. And making sure my room was at a good temperature before they left for their rooms. However a question they left with me was, how come you didn’t call the porter to ask him? I was a little glum, naturally I would, but this wasn’t a business trip I exclaimed! Ahh! there you went wrong, Its Matteo and Inma’s gift for showing up at their celebration! I had only a couple more hours before catching my return bus back to Madrid airport that morning, and as I pondered upon my turn of events, I couldn’t help but wonder upon a thought! Indeed this is how many of us are with the things of God.

Isn’t it interesting how God has told us time and time again in his word what He has made available to us. Who we are in Him, and the power we capable of controlling, only if we excersises it. The Lord has given us access to unlimited benefits, simply because we have come to His saving grace. And yet many of us have yet to experience those benefits because we don’t even know they exist. Many have seen it, have heard of it, but are still yet to enter into it. Let’s no longer continue to live in this way. We are more than the life we are leading. We have been given much more than we currently have. We have been created for greatness!

It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will help us to discover who we are in the Word of God! It is my prayer that we will not make this discovery too late (like I did in my example). We are still marching forward! We are still on course. Total victory is ours. Hallelujah Total victory is sure!