Devotional 26.09.2013

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear. [NLT] – Matthew 24:35

The WORD of the Lord is CONSTANT and TRUE. Everything else is a variable, which changes with times and season. God says EVERYTHING He has said concerning you will never disappear, and thus will come to pass in your life. There are some times/some seasons in your life which might cause you to doubt that – I should know, I have been there – But the Word of the Lord is the only sure thing you can hold on to. He will make you what He says you will be. Don’t let the word of others contend with the WORD of God in your life. Hold onto it, Believe it, and watch it come to pass. The Lord is a faithful God and He can be depended upon. He will never disappoint you. Have faith in God!

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