Devotional 02/10/2013

Never follow a crowd in doing wrong. When you testify in court, don’t side with the majority to pervert justice. [GWT] – Exodus 23:2


Some are of the view that there are so many unsavoury characters, who seem to be getting away with hideous unthinkable acts, and so if they are doing so, and appear to be succeeding, well, we might as well get ourselves in that mix. All these goody two shoes should mind their own beeswax and step off their case. Yes, these characters may have gone on to become examples, role models which many use in moulding their lives, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AMONG THE CROWD FOLLOWERS who are influenced by them. YOU can start your own crowd following. WHEN you go according to the dictates of YOUR OWN CONSCIENCE and the evidence of things as they appear to you because of your new attitude deep routed in Christ Jesus, you will never ever have to conform to the thinking’s of the crowd, but will instead be conformed to thinking’s of Christ Jesus. Start your own following, a people who do exploits because of Christ Jesus in them, who is our hope and glory.

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