My Waters of Distress

13110818383525Juju called last night.

How are you feeling? You’re now in your third trimester, not long now.

Yes I am very excited. My Baby’s arrival is getting closer, but I am a little worried.

Why she responded?

I just can’t seem to place my finger on it. I continued.

How’s Mr T? she asked. He’s been wonderful (I say in a voice that needed reassurance). Come to think of it she continues, the last time I saw him, he didn’t come across as overly excited. Well you know Mr T; it’s been quite difficult for us I responded. Why? She continues, wasn’t the baby planned, you can’t bring a child into this world if you don’t have the finances to take care of them. As she continued, I became more apprehensive, even more concerned than I was before the call.

Mr T had warned me on so many occasions to stop speaking with Juju. It’s as if every time after speaking with her, I come away feeling terribly unsettled, taking out my frustration on him. He’s told me on countless occasions that she’s not just a gossip, but the kind of woman who likes to “bang two heads together” – I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by this then. But what do I do, she keeps calling me, and I feel bad if I don’t take her calls; and besides everyone needs someone to talk to and I happen to be her listening ear.

You know my husband has been going from one Job interview after another, and in this current climate, it’s become quite impossible to get a very good position. And besides, the current house market is booming here in England, and getting on the property ladder has been very difficult as we just don’t even have enough money saved up for the deposit. We have to live in a shared apartment with three other families, so that we can at least stand a chance of being able to save some deposit and also be able to get some of our baby things together. I am really not sure what the future holds, and I’m not sure if I made the right decision.

In doing what she asked. Oh you know, I responded, getting married so young, getting pregnant so early. Maybe I should have waited. Maybe we should have waited. I am at a cross road, and out of options.

Well I can tell you, she spoke, in a disdain, and equally conceited manner, “I don’t know why you’re letting it all bother you, I blame your useless husband. I don’t know why he hasn’t been able to find a job. Look at my boo, he’s the hardest working man I know and he’s never been out of work. I mean, why get married only to make your life unbearable. As if it wasn’t enough that he placed you in a shared apartment with three other families, he also had to get you pregnant. See the way I see it, you only have one option. Leave his lazy behind and come stay with us. You’re way too young to have all this stress. It’s not good for you and not for your little one either.

After speaking with her, I felt a little encouraged. My situation was not as hopeless as it appeared. I felt wonderful, better still I felt hopeful. I had a bright future. And as I watched my husband sleep through the night I couldn’t help but be irritated with the loud snores that emanated through his mouth. Oh how I hated his snoring, but come to think of it, I never realised he snored this loudly.

Bright and early the next day, as I pondered over the conversation last night, I couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of hate, a sense of waste. “What has love done for me?” I spoke out loudly. “Seriously, only a messed up life, a lazy husband, and a child on the way that we cannot afford”!  Juju is not such a bad person after all. Now I know why my husband disliked her so much. She could give me what he could never ever give me. Hope for the future. I have made up my mind, and I must leave before he comes back to find me missing.

It was a short drive to Juju’s place, very well situated and such an imposing sight. But there was no sign of her. There was a note and a set of keys left inside the pot plant next to the main front door. It read:

 “Emergency meeting, was called out to Barcelona for an urgent project that needed my attention. It will only take give or take a few months. I’ve instructed the cleaners and the cooks that you might be coming and to take great care of you, hopefully should be back before the baby arrives. Take a much deserved rest and eat well

How thoughtful of Juju I said, she’s truly a dear friend. I let myself in and made myself very comfortable. After my afternoon nap, I could see Mr T, had tried to ring me “50 missed calls” – give me a break I continued. I left him a voicemail saying; “Do not try to reach me, I’m leaving you, and I’m leaving the country. I don’t know when I will be back. The worst mistake I ever made was getting married to you. I can see it all clearly now”. I got one of the cooks to get me a new Sim, got rid of the old one and made a mental note to remember to send the new number to Juju. I thought I’d wait a little while before informing my family. I don’t really want them involved at the moment.

After seven weeks of pure relaxation, seclusion and sheer pampering, I wondered why I still hadn’t heard from Juju. I simply assumed that work and a very busy schedule had prevented her from making contact this past few months, but still surely she should have contacted me by now. I was a little worried, but still optimistic. I no longer wanted to stay indoors with my thoughts, and felt the need to pop out and maybe get a few more things for my little one who was now due any day now. As I came out of my car, in the spot where I parked it, who was it that beheld my eyes, my darling husband, whose hands were held by my dear friend Juju, who was lovingly embracing him while running her fingers through his hair. I see her rubbing his shoulders and patting him on his back as they took each step.

As they walked closer, I felt numb, unable to move, legs frozen at the very spot I was standing. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Wasn’t sure if I had dreamt it, if it was happening, if my mind was playing tricks on me, if I was imagining it. So many things were running through my mind, but I did remember mumbling out loud “Juju how could you. Juju how could you”, I kept on repeating. Over and over and over again. Mr T looked at me, with tears running down his cheek  said to me, I didn’t know I was the worst mistake of your life. I could see he could barely look at me, it was too painful. As he tried to walk away Juju tried to follow him, at which I said to Juju, why are you following my husband? Then Mr T turned and said to me, when you left me, she was there to pick up the pieces of my broken life. I was hospitalised and she visited me, never leaving my side. I was hungry and she made sure I had plenty to eat. And every day of these past seven weeks, she has always been there, encouraging my broken heart and helping me to see my way through the darkness. I am now back on my feet. I now have a well-paying job, and have now been able to purchase our 5 bedroom dream home. I bought it to prove to myself that I was not the lazy, useless man you thought I was.

He had barely finished saying the words, when I felt limp, falling at the very spot I was standing and my waters broke.


I know long story as always  🙂

But this happens every-time, there are scheming people who disguise themselves as well-meaning folks who are out to wreak havoc.

 Don’t let anyone deceive you. Associating with bad people will ruin decent people. [GWT] – 1 Corinthians 15:33

A devious person spreads quarrels. A gossip separates the closest of friends. [GWT] – Proverbs 16:28

Mr T warned his wife of Juju’s gossiping and medelling ways, but she wouldn’t listen, and when she was at the lowest point of her life, her so called dear friend advised her of a better life without her husband and she believed it, instead of asking herself the motives behind such well-meaning advice. She had to learn a terrible lesson in a painful way, but did she deserve it I wonder? I wonder what will become of her now. No friend to take care of her, a loved child in a terrible situation, and a husband who no longer trusts her. If she was not so gullible / had she known about the schemes of Juju, I wondered would she have knowingly left her loving husband. We need to be very careful whom we listen to, or call our dearest friend.

Have an awsome week and HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!

 The proverbs of Solomon, David’s son who was king of Israel, given to grasp wisdom and discipline, to understand deep thoughts, to acquire the discipline of wise behaviorrighteousness and justice and fairness— to give insight to gullible people, to give knowledge and foresight to the younga wise person will listen and continue to learn, and an understanding person will gain direction .. [GWT] – Proverbs 1:1-5

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