Devotional 16.12.2013

Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the LORD. [NASB] Psalm 31:24


It’s almost the end of 2013 – ok two weeks and one day still to go 😀 – And you’ve decided/tried to do a “stock check” of how your year has been. While you’re doing it, you’re also looking across at “Amy’s”, Lorrain’s, Stephen’s, Chuck’s and Jenifer’s list. And after you’ve compared your list, you came to a conclusion that you didn’t do so well. In fact, you’ve decided on the verdict that God has been better to them, than He’s been to you; since during the year, you’ve received no promotion, no pay rise, no change in property, no addition to the family, nothing! In effect, no benefit in being a Christ follower or believing all that about God creating you for a purpose and being a success story. You’ve maybe decided not to listen to any more encouraging word, and “lifeofastranger” can stop already with her pep “status updates” ;). Because all she actually does is to get me all excited only for me to be disappointed 😦

You are not a “robot”, of course you’re allowed to have some of “them days”. But I’m still here to tell you that Jesus Christ is alive, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and you are NEVER forgotten. So if Lorrain and those around you are doing well. God has blessed them too, but He has not forgotten you. Yes 2013 is almost done, but at least, you were alive to see it, and still here to see it come to an end. That my friend is a wonderful blessing, because without it, the others will be of no use to you. So my dearest, you see, God did bless you in 2013 :)!

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