Devotional 17.12.2013

Fight the good fight of the faith. [NIV] 1 Timothy 6:12a


Life in general is a state of warfare wherein you are a soldier. But most of the battles you will ever fight with respect to your life are all in the mind. In your mind! Are there some unfulfilled goals, status change, or even challenges your mind is still grappling with, that is causing you to lose hope, and sight of the goal? Have faith in the teachings of God, and believe all HE has said concerning you. Yes the year may be coming to an end, and it appears that there may have been some unfulfilled dreams, don’t let that bother you. The Important thing is that they are coming, and will come, and as long as you are still in the land of the living, there is still hope. So make sure you do all you can to keep that fire of faith and hope burning brightly in your mind. For as long as you hope in Christ Jesus, He will do all He can to make you what He says concerning you. He is indeed your hope of glory. So don’t give up on the battle just yet, for with Jesus, the war has already been won!

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