Devotional 05.03.2014

Verse of the Day

Your wound is as deep as the sea. Who can heal you? [NIV] Lamentations 2:13G


Did I hear someone ask you that question? Have you spent weeks, months even years pondering on this question without any success? Have you searched and searched and found no answer and no one to help you? Have you tried #Jesus? The LORD’s love is so great that whatever it is you’re facing will never consume you! Why? Because He is always compassionate, and He renews His compassion for you every morning! And because of His constant compassion for you, He will never ever fail you. Having Jesus in your makes all the difference, because having Him as your portion, means regardless of what happens, or how long a situation in your life is taking, He will always  come through for you. But you may say, but I have Him, but my situations aren’t getting any better. Wait for Him. Because of his compassionate love for you, which is always constant, you can be rest assured that Jesus can be relied upon, and because He see you, He will never abandon you. Wait for Jesus, only He can heal you. No one else!

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