Your Miracle is No Coincidence

Verse of the Day

Pharaoh’s magicians tried to do the same thing with their secret arts, but this time they failed. And the gnats covered everyone, people and animals alike. “This is the finger of God!” the magicians exclaimed to Pharaoh. [NLT] Exodus 8:18-19a


When Moses presented himself before Pharaoh to give him the message from God, three times when he tried to prove to Pharaoh that God was with him, he turned his rod to snake, River Nile to blood and frogs teaming all over Egypt, and all three times Pharaoh’s magicians were able to copy him. Except for this one. The magicians knew the secret to their arts and how they could conjure up whatever they wanted. But when they tried this time around, they couldn’t. They must have exhausted their arts for them to say, “This is the finger of God”. Maybe there have been some breakthroughs that have been happening to you which some people feel could easily be explained, that is coincidental and can’t be all that supernatural and from God. Maybe you’ve been told there’s nothing exactly special happening to you, the fact that your boss favoured you, or you were “lucky” to have some great news concerning your finance, business or health, doesn’t mean that you’re all that special because of #Jesus Christ or your faith in Him. Not everything in your life that God does can be copied or be explained. Just because wonderful things are happening to you, doesn’t magically mean it’s a normal/natural occurrence. It’s because your life bears the mark of God, which He placed there with His finger. Your life is a miracle, remember that when next you feel out of sorts. #ExodusChallenge #VerseoftheDay #PlaguesinEgypt #PlagueNumberThree

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